I believed many of us had traveled to many different parts of the world, either as tourists, business or migration. When you were there in a new and foreign country, would you be curious about the country and its culture? Were you caught out in situations whereby due to cultural differences and not understanding it ?

When I was studying in Australia, I had my fair share of my cultural exchanges and learning with the Aussie lifestyle and culture, especially their sports culture, really love it a lot. I would share my personal cultural stories here once a while.

Comics had been a common feature in newspapers and magazines worldwide, therefore, I would like to introduce a Singapore comics artist Lee Chee Chew, his comics is something that I read regularly whenever I have the chance.

Do check out his blog, it’s a good site for we locals to laugh at ourselves and for our international visitors to learn about us via comics !

Well, I also loved to visit blogs or sites that uses their comics and drawings to tell people more about their local culture in their country…… always a great insight to read, look, learn and laugh.

2 thoughts on “Understanding a Country and its Culture via comics ?”
  1. Yeah, I agree with you.
    We try to know America culture through David Letterman’s late show Or Friends series. And we try to understand Hongkong through their film, especially the Comedy.

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