The time has arrived, I am starting my training with my colleague, Jack Lan, for my 1st Marathon of 2008, the Sundown Marathon.

I had started my gym fitness training session, 2 sessions a week and started my running with a 3km run at West Coast Park on Friday 11th April, now would be clearing 5km on my next training run. There would be at least be 2 training runs per week, most likely be late at night after work. I would be updating here if Jack comes up with a marathon training schedule.

Being an entrepreneur wasn’t easy for the past 2 months, was under a lot of pressure, partly due to me exerting extra pressure on myself, striving to achieve my quarter targets, some achieved, some wasn’t. Got myself into a bit of pre-hypertension, now must be more mindful, therefore –

  • Exercise more with fitness training for gym and marathon running training
  • Manage my stress level in my businesses
  • Spend valuable time on hobbies to relieve stress
  • Reduce weight and burn fats
  • Watch my diet (going to be tough)

Being healthy is your greatest wealth.

Time to stay fit and healthy, thus giving me the capabilities, strength and endurance to face my challenges, reach my goals, manage my stress and conquer my greatest enemy – ME !

3 thoughts on “Start of training for 1st Marathon 2008”
  1. Very good start!
    At least you already start your own businesses, But I still not.
    You will get over all these pressures, because you are tangenghui:)

  2. Thanks for your support !

    Dear iWalk, with your wonderful travel blog, you had already started your own business and started the entrepreneur route too !

    Wish you great success too !

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