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Hi, are you a Runner ?

“Run, Forrest ! Run !” ……. The script from the movie Forrest Gump.

I wasn’t a person that would put running as my first favourite sports activity, I am a team sports player and love my football, basketball, rugby league, rugby union. Nevertheless, as I grew older, running somehow or another, became an integral part of my life.

There was an article on My Paper, featured on 18th July 2008, on running, the title is “Want to stay YOUNG, Start Running“, by Victoria Barker. From the article, it is interesting to note that running helps to slow down the ageing process. Besides that, it helps to build up your body system, better fitness and higher immune system. 

Being a person that suffers injuries of big and small scale from head to toe, I understand the importance of keeping fit and healthy, and running helps me to achieve that, along with my gym training exercise. With a marathon in my sight, it is just as important to plan for your training running and physical training regime, just like how you plan for your life and business

Currently, I am contemplating the idea of going for a triathlon, old mate nick is planning to go for it, asked me to consider joining and training together. If I finally decided to enter that stage, the importance of fitness, training and my marathon runs would be crucial for the building up of my stamina and endurance.

Folks, running can be fun and it doesn’t cost you much to get the gear needed, so fall in with your PT Kit and start running !

2 thoughts on “Hi, are you a Runner ?

  • I love your article about running. I personally am contemplating getting into marathon running at some point in the future. My biggest mental roadblock is the perceived practice time involved on top of an already busy schedule. Maybe when my two little ones are out of the home? …

  • Hi Steve,

    Thank you for dropping by ! Glad that you love my article on running !

    I understand the time constraints on your commitments (work & children & home), marathon running takes preparation.

    Maybe you can start with 5km, 10km, 15km, 21km runs in this year before training up to 25km, 30km and you would be able to compete in your maiden full marathon !

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