Life is hectic and busy, in my businesses and work, and managing 2 blogs can be quite a real challenge as I set myself the standards to deliver quality content to my 2 blogs, and that will bless, benefit, enrich and help my readers, in my personal or photojournalism blog.

Besides my business and work, it’s a been a tough and very challenging economic and financial climate today, in the financial advisory and entrepreneur business environment. These are just lessons, not just in business and work, they are also valuable life lessons too. Therefore, it is very important to stay cool and calm in the midst of any crisis. 

If you head over to my photojournalism blog, there would be a number of events taking place in Singapore in the recent month of July and upcoming August. Do bookmark my photojournalism blog and have a read about the various different events that I went to in Singapore and my travel adventures too. Besides, do drop by my flickr site and view my photos collection !

I would like to take the chance to thank all my supporters in my flickr and photojournalism blog, you all are AWESOME !!!!!

As for my personal blog, it is still growing and expanding, “Rome is not build in a day“, no matter what you do or embark on, it takes time, how short or how long is determined by you. “A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step“, had I not taken the step to enter into the blog sphere, I would not be writing this sentence now.

I would be continuing my book chapter reviews, great personal development books I am reading, learning and applying the invaluable lessons learned in my personal and professional arena. The importance and virtues of learning must constantly be ongoing and must never stop. Personal development, personal growth and changes are key building blocks to a person’s growth in life and professional career.

Next up, I would be thinking of what other areas that I could write on, given my wide range of diversified knowledge, competency and experiences. It would definitely be of a worthy standard that I would be sharing.

Well, it’s time to start exercising and running more often, the SAFRA half-marathon is coming up very soon, followed by another worldwide running Nike10k Plus Run. Time to hit the running tracks !

Have a nice week folks !

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