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HootSuite World Cup 2014 Daily Highlights & Weekly Round Up - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

World Cup 2014, the holy grail of the football world coming together to win the World Cup and fanatic fans catching and watching World Cup football action in Brazil. It had been a week since the official opening and the first game between Brazil and Croatia. The first week of World Cup 2014 football has produced some awesome, exceptional and to some extent surprising results and outcomes. Moreover, World Cup 2014 in Brazil is proving not just to be a live football action on the pitch and television, there were lots of actions and followings on the social media channels and platforms. Football is not just taking the world by storm on the pitches in Brazil, the world of Social Media is talking and discussing a lot about World Cup 2014!

Twitter, one of the main influential social media platform an channel, is seeing a lot of “action” with their tweets and mentions on the Twitter time, accompanied by the hashtags. World Cup 2014 is a very suitable timing for major brands to further and widen the outreach, awareness and publicity of the brands, not just on television, it’s also on the social media channels and platforms.

With 2010 World Cup Champion Spain crashing out of the first round, how will the remaining Round One matches turn out? How are you, the football fanatic going to follow the latest football and World Cup 2014 news besides football websites and major news websites? A modern football fanatic leveraging and following on social media can even be faster than the traditional media news channel! Stay tuned to the tweets, mentions and posts on the various social media channels!

The number of mentions of the most socially connected World Cup season yet breaches the 7 million mark, here are some of the highlights to show the teams and brands that fans are rallying for.

In the Games:

  • 1.6 million mentions of the Spanish team was recorded this week, during the defending World Cup and Euro Champs’ 2 miserable defeats, which led to their failure to enter the knockout stages of the cup.
  • Brazil’s forward Neymar was mentioned 3 times more after he made 2 goals against Croatia in the opening game (15k mentions on 13 June) than after yesterday’s tie-game with Mexico (5k mentions on 18 June).

For brands:

Have the sponsor and partner brands found the magic bullet to pulling them out of social media obscurity? 

  • Sony leads the partner brands in the total number of mentions this week (close to 500K mentions), while others like Coca Cola and Adidas trail close by (each with about 400k mentions).
  • Sponsor brands’ live tweets during the game are gaining a lot of traction: Macdonald’s smart play on words with #macdonegoal peaked at 250 mentions on 17 June and Budweiser’s Man of the Match conversations helped them gain over 1.5k mentions on 18 June.

There are some valuable information and graphs provided by uberVU Boards and HootSuite on the outreach of World Cup 2014! Take a look through the various graphs, infographics and statistics!

uberVu via Hootsuite World cup daily-highlights 19-Jun-2014-page-001

hashflags-report 19-Jun-2014-page-001

sponsors-and-partners-example-report 18-Jun-2014-page-002

sponsors-and-partners-example-report 18-Jun-2014-page-005

* Information courtesy of uberVU Boards, HootSuite and Ogilvy Public Relations *

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