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Interesting Article : How To Be More Interesting

Life is full of ups and downs, happiness and disappointments, opportunities and misses and many more. All these might make life more interesting or more boring/sad/routine for the human race and we have the choice to choose what kind of life we want it to be. An article by Jessica Hagy from Forbes, she shared her article on

– How To Be More Interesting (in 10 Simple Steps) –

(1) Go Exploring

(2) Share What You Discover

(3) Do Something. Anything

(4) Embrace your innate weirdness

(5) Have a Cause

(6) Minimize the Swagger

(7) Give it a shot

(8) Hop off the bandwagon

(9) Grow a pair

(10) Ignore the scolds

The interesting graphical article can be found here!

Reading this wonderful article, thinking ahead and planning with great intense interest, what can I do personally to make life more interesting and meaningful ?

(1) I would continue my exploration, to seek, photograph and document, history, culture and heritage in my home land, Singapore, of disappearing Old Places, Old Trades, helping and supporting protection, conservation, preservation of heritage, history and culture, from Bukit Brown to The Green Corridor.

(2) & (3) Sharing actively through my Facebook, Twitter, Photoblog, 500px and Flickr, along with discussions and interactions via the various social media channels, meeting with like-minded people, sharing, discussing, documenting and doing something!

(5) My Cause for Year 2012 is Personal Photojournalism projects in heritage, history, conservation and preservation.

(7) Writing, sharing, photographing and documenting so much in depth has never occurred to me before that I would do it, I just gave it a shot with Old Places and Green Corridor and it just expanded exponentially!

The life you want to lead, you choose to live, is entirely up to you, yourself. Search your heart deep inside, close your eyes and feel it. You can make your life interesting ! 

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