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Internet Speed Wealth Creation Course - 1st Batch - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Blogging, a field that was trained by my friend Jack, brought me quite a fair bit of success and recognition today, therefore I am grateful and appreciative of Jack’s support, guidance and troubleshooting over my blogging journey.

Therefore, there comes a time whereby I must Pay It Forward, helping out Jack in his 1st course coaching organised under Intrillion Academy, known as Internet Speed Wealth Creation Course (ISWC) ! With Jack’s extensive experience and track records in internet marketing, his course was enriching and enlightening, coaching and sharing concepts together with his participants and not overwhelming them with technicalities instead.

Being a disciple of Jack under the blogging field, I was invited out of the blue to share my blogging experiences, journey and knowledge in social media networking to his 1st batch of course participants. It was an honour and I confessed that I wasn’t prepared at all and I was basically very anxious and it wasn’t great, therefore, I need to brush up and I might be speaking more in future ISWC courses ! Oh, do check out the photos here on Flickr !

There were also opportunities to share with the participants on my social media networking experiences and blogging experiences, glad to know them there and it was fun sharing ! This would possibly be paving the route for me to move up to the role of Social Media Manager !

Finally, with a graduation group photo of ISWC – 1st Batch ! Congrats to all from ISWC – 1st Batch ! Wishing all of you success in your internet marketing, blogging and social media networking journey !

5 thoughts on “Internet Speed Wealth Creation Course – 1st Batch”
  1. Hey Geng Hui,

    That speech you gave about how you became a professional photo-Blogger was great. You have learned a lot from Jack himself too. Carry on and I’m sure you can become a social media manager. 🙂

  2. Thank you Brian !

    I still have a lot to learn & improve up, in public speaking, in my journey embarked as a Social Media Manager !

    Thank you for your support !

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