First and foremost, I am NOT a Social Media Guru / Expert and I confess that I was quite slow to embrace the various social media networks, channels and tools. Nevertheless, once I stepped into the Social Media Arena and took my 1st step into social media networking, I grew a lot more from my blogging, interaction, writing, understanding and communication.

Therefore, what is social media all about ? What lies in social media for me, as a company, as a blogger, as a service provider, as a consumer ?

Let me share with a presentation by Marta Kagan “What the F**k is Social Media?”

I am stepping into the role of an avid student/learner in social media, learning and helping fellow bloggers, tweeples and brand names, before moving up the next level to be a freelance social media consultant, gaining as much as experiences in both reality and social media networks, to build up my experiences and sharing. My recent speaking experiences in the ISW-Course is my maiden step forward.

Moving forward, I would be sharing more on social media, researching more in-depth into social media on/for travel and photography bloggers, thus moving into a niche expertise for me that I ventured off and somehow grow into.

Is Social Media a fad ? How much have you embrace it ? Are you into Social Media ? What are the harsh realities of Social Media ? What is the future of Social Media ?

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