Reflecting on my journey into blogging adventure, how did I get started on blogging, internet marketing and eventually into social media networking, blogging and social media consultancy. I begin to dig through my history records and found my historical records starting on 10th April 2006 with my photoblog on blogspot before moving to my own domain name and hosting on 7th October 2008 to my current photoblog. My personal blog was also established and officially launched on 10th January 2008 too!

Today, over 4 years of blogging adventure, it’s been an awesome and very enriching adventure for me, the opportunities were enormous and fantastic, beyond my initial imagination on how blogging and internet marketing can take me to the new heights, publicity and recognition, an achievement that I am proud and happy, and constantly striving to newer heights and wider networks! Invitations to official media events, engagements with PR companies, selected for technology products testing and reviews, getting to know more new friends in the blogsphere and social media channels. This growth has been phenomenal and exponential, beyond what I initially expected when I started blogging.

The success today is not without sweat and long hours, plus lots of hard work too. However, this would not be successful without my friend and mentor, Jack Lan, Founder of Intrillion Pte Ltd, who taught and mentored me everything from ground zero, including troubleshooting. Without his guidance and mentoring when I started blogging and internet marketing under him, I will not be what I am today in my blogging, internet marketing and social media networking.

Today, Jack is still coaching many bloggers and internet marketers, impacting their lives using the Accelerated Internet Entrepreneur (AIE) System Workshop (where my knowledge on blogging and internet marketing was mastered and learned), for more information on his course, check out his website here for more information and details! Jack is a successful Internet Entrepreneur and you too, can learn from him too and be a successful internet entrepreneur, just like him!

Do you want to be a successful internet entrepreneur ?

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