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Potential Growth of Mobile Data Social Media Networking ?

The growth of the mobile phones have been a major significance, revolutionary and evolutionary too, over a period of about 10 years, gone were the days when the mobile phone was just for calling and short messaging system was just invented with its own shortfalls too.

With the start of the arrival of the PDA Phone that slowly and eventually evolved into the smartphone era, the usage of the smartphone has been phenomenal and expanding exponentially. Coupled along with the growth of the social media networking, SEO 2.0, inter-connectivity between relatives and friends. Moreover, the invention and expansion of 3rd Generation networks (currently) and moving upwards into LTE (Long Term Evolution) Technology, sometimes affectionately known as 4G. The speed and expansion of the mobile data networking is primed for growth and expansion in my personal humble opinion.

Look at the range of smartphone models and makes in the market today. The iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phones, Windows 7 Mobile, it’s not just highly competitive, there’s just as many users and demand for such smartphone designs and models, the push for higher and faster mobile data speed usage and connectivity, in their everyday life of business and leisure activities from our Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare.

What makes it even more compelling for mobile data expansion lies in the growth and expansion of the tablet market, it’s a big battleground out there, with Apple iPad leading the pack with their first mover advantage (revolutionary and evolutionary) in my personal humble opinion. They are always on the move, getting ready to innovate, improve and leap-frog their competitors. Nevertheless, big names such as Dell, Samsung and HP are not losing out and they are definitely catching up, taking a pie of the market share of smartphone and tablets. The infographic below is an excellent and interactive diagram on the how mobile phones are changing the social media scene.

Personally, my personal and humble opinion will be on the growth of the tablets in 2011 and 2012, it’s not going to replace the smartphone totally, it might just compliment the smartphone nicely, fitting in both smartphone and tablet into our daily highly connected business, leisure and social media networking lifestyle.

Sometime down the road, imagine myself with my Apple iPhone 4, armed with my Apple iPad (upcoming 2nd version w/ 3G) or Dell Streak 7 ?? Or all of the above ?? Stay tuned !!

Source : Flowtown

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