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National Achiever Congress 2008 – Day 1

On 29th April 2008, this day marks a significant day in my life, my first external personal development, coaching and learning seminar –

National Achiever Congress 2008 – The Evolution of Success

This was organised by Success Resources and I was brought to this event by Jack Lan, a great friend whose personal development coaching and experience level, is much higher than peers of his age group and even people who is older than him !

Even though this wasn’t my first personal development program, I attended my in-house personal development conducted by our Executive Mentor of our organisation, and I was grateful and appreciative for the directions that the in-house program had aligned me towards changing, learning and improvement via personal development courses, that would help me in my career, businesses, relationships and life.

This congress is a 2 days event and there are great speakers being invited for the event. The speakers for the 1st day event were:

  1. Blair Singer
  2. Roger Hamilton
  3. Steve Linder

They were great speakers, great mentors and experts in their respective fields. I had an awesome training, experience, sharing and learning today at the Singapore Expo Hall, the speakers were sharing with all the participants there. Many thoughts, many reflections and soul searching, with the help and sharing with Jack Lan too !

Took down notes, diagrams and thoughts ……. I would share more in details with each respective speaker’s topic and how I could learn, change and improve on it, as well as, sharing and motivating my fellow readers interested in personal development and changes to their life.

Bought a few books on Day 1, looking foward to Day 2 of National Achiever Congress 2008.

2 thoughts on “National Achiever Congress 2008 – Day 1

  • Angela Khor

    Hi Tang Eng Hui,

    I have also attended NAC 2008. This was my first time attending such event andwas truly inspired.

    Joe Girard was awesome 🙂

    Hope to get in touch with you and hear from you soon.


  • Hi Angela,

    Nice of you to drop by and also find another fellow 1st timer to National Achiever Congress. Yes, indeed, it was inspiring and Joe Girard was really awesome !

    Do drop by often ! Keep in touch !

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