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November 2020 – 2 more months to end of Year 2020

Start of a new month, November 2020, just two more months to the end of the Year 2020, a year whereby most people in the world would wish that it would be over soon, a new year can start and hopefully a vaccine for Covid-19 would be available soon in the market.

From the onset of Covid-19, the massive impacts and changes, economic downturn, circuit breaker and post circuit breaker. The past half a year had not been easy at all, took a toll on many of us mentally and emotionally. While we can see the world trying hard to revive and kickstart the economy, it’s not going to be an exponential climb, more of a slow gentle recovery in challenging market conditions.

Adapting and adopting, making changes and strategic business directions, I had to bite the bullet and preserve on, building up more resilient and tenacity. Working on new personal photography projects, publishing my first photography zine, producing my first vlog video, rebranding my photography business, exploring new business partnerships in other industries.

2 more months to the end of Year 2020, let’s end it on a good note even though Year 2020 had been a very difficult year for all of us. We need to be prepared to ride on the recovery wave in a post Covid-19 world, a new future of work and business.

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