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3rd January 2023 – Celebrating 15 years of TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

On 3rd January today, 15 years ago in 2008, TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog was officially launched with not much branding and fanfare, it was titled “Tan Geng Hui Personal Blog” if I recalled correctly. In the blink of an eye, 15 years had passed, this personal/technology website has changed and transformed so much over the years into the TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog that organisations, media outlets, PR agencies and supporters know about today.

A small and humble beginning

TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog had a small and humble beginning. In 2008, this website was created to separate technology and business topics away from my other portal/blog TGH Photography and Travel, allowing them to specialise in both areas, and allowing me to  expand on food, hospitality and creative side of things.

TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog celebrated its 15 years milestone on 10th April 2021, a milestone that I was proud of, the visual storytelling journeys that I embarked on, along with the growth, changes and honing of my craft and skills over the years.

I am humbled by my years of technology and business media news coverage, yet I personally don’t feel doing as much as compared to what I did for my 15 years milestone for my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog.

Growth, Change, and Transformation over the past 15 years

For those brands, organisations, PR agency folks and loyal supports who had worked with me or followed my website over the past 15 years. You will know first hand how much this website has grown, changed and transformed over the past 15 years.

From just covering consumer technology news/topics/interests to covering media news coverage in the enterprise/B2B technology and startups sectors.

The stages of growth, change and transformation started around 5-10 years back when I started to visit more technology conferences, that’s where I ventured into the enterprise technology and startups sectors.

As I grew older along with my websites, my special topics of interest expanded into future technology trends and changes, digital transformation digital marketing/social media marketing, Fin-Tech, blockchain and NFT.


A personal writing space for the writer in me

A personal writing space in a heavy content technology and business sectors might not seem to be the best complement or combination.

Everyone talks about technology jargon and applications, yet there were gaps in how to bring them to the ground level and in a language and style that most people can understand. This might not be the easiest thing to do, it’s not just about your language skills, it’s how you understand the technology, gadgets and how it plays a part in our daily life and work.

Being able to write freely, away and beyond technology and business topics, allowed me to hone and refine my writing skills (and I still have a lot of room for improvement), as well giving me another alternative space for writing on very personal deep in my heart matters, also deep thought leadership and opinions.

Through my years of writing on both visual storytelling approach and in-depth personal thoughts approach, I was encouraged and enlightened by “No Missing Tools: Creativity in an Age of Abundance” by Fernando Gros, that we are and can be creative in our own self, that just need to believe and trust in ourselves for our inner most creativity to be unleashed.

What’s next ahead for TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog?

15 years not out, I am continuing to strive forward, writing, media news coverage and sharing thought leadership in key areas. What’s next ahead for TGH Technology and Business in the next 5,10, 15, 20 years and beyond?

I can’t see what’s going to happen in the future, I can share what I am working on right now and in the very near future, would be in the areas of

  • Expand on special topics of interest such as sustainability
  • Future technology trends and changes e.g. Future of Work, Impacts of AI, Digital Transformation, Web 3.0, NFT
  • Thought leadership in technology and business industries

All of them tied in closely with my Yearly Theme 2023 for my technology, business and personal sectors – “Transform”.

Yearly Theme 2023 (Technology | Business | Personal)

My Yearly Theme 2023 for Technology, Business and Personal is “Transform”.

Why “Transform”?

This word “Transform” was chosen for its connection to my 15 years milestone for my TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog, how can I can change, transform and improve, from my media news coverage, business and technology analysis, social media marketing/digital marketing and as a writer?

Join me in my “Transform” adventures in 2023

I would like to invite all of you, come join me in my transformation exploration in my technology, business and writer journeys in 2023 and beyond.

Together we can and we might discover something common to work on, advocate together and transform the way we work and live, and on special themes that we can push for more awareness and publicity.

Last but not least, I would like to say a big Thank You for your support, your belief and trust in me, and encouragement over the past 15 years, I would continue to strive and work even harder in my technology and business media news coverage and thought leadership.

Updates 1st December 2022

Thursday 1st December 2022, we are now entering into the final month of year 2022, we can countdown 31 more days before we usher and welcome a new year 2023. This would be a mix of technology, business, writing and personal updates before I start my Christmas gift guides sharing, as well as technology and business media news coverage before taking a short break from writing and publishing during the last week of December 2022.

Final month of 2022 – Final sprint

This is the final month of 2022, this would be the final sprint to the end of year 2022, wrapping and closing up my year 2022 before starting new and fresh for year 2023. I am aiming to clear as many backlogs as possible, from media coverage news to product reviews.

Consolidation and preparation for 2023

The last week of December 2022, the period from Christmas leading up to New Year 2023, I am designating this week to be a rest week, consolidating and reflecting on my year 2022, strategising and preparing for my year 2023, choosing my yearly theme for 2023, goals and objectives.

What is a yearly theme all about? Visit and read this earlier article that I published in the first quarter of 2022 – my yearly theme for 2022 (Technology, Business and Personal) and yearly theme for 2022 (Photography and Travel). If you like to learn more about using a yearly theme instead of goals and objectives for the year, I strongly encourage you to visit Fernando Gros article on “How To Choose A Yearly Theme”.

Writing – personal, technology, business, social media

A number of topics are on my mind, ranging from a wide personal, technology, business and future of social media, that I am planning to write about. They might not be published in December 2022, they would probably feature in Q1 2023.

Topics on my mind:

  • Future of Twitter and social media usage
  • Business and economy outlook for 2023
  • Cryptocurrency – what lies ahead in 2023 and beyond?

Some battles that you will never know

A few days ago from this day 1st December 2022, there were two consecutive days when I met with friends who made their views heard, on asking me if I am considering to give up my business and return back to employee work.

While it’s out of friendly and genuine concern, I am also feeling the hurt and disappointment. Each of us have our own battles to fight, some if not all the battles that you will never know.

Nothing lasts forever, even though people make plans, goals and objectives, we don’t exactly know what the future lies or might change. Tomorrow is a mystery, some might say.   

Christmas (December) + Birthday (January) gifts – Any sponsors?

The December Christmas festive season is upon us, before we know or even realised it, we will be starting off a new year in January 2023, preparing for Chinese New Year (CNY) 2023 during January 2023. Since my birthday is somewhere in between Christmas and CNY, any kind sponsors would like to sponsor me a 2-in-1 gift?

The story continues

Every updates that I wrote and published previously, it’s a never ending personal journey, in writing and visual storytelling. The story continues, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. A door closes, another door opens, this is life as we know it, my story continues, somewhere, somehow.

Writer’s Day and Thoughts

A writer’s day and thoughts, today I am writing from my own personal writer’s perspectives, thoughts, views and plans. It’s something different from my personal updates and reflections, also away from my technology and business media news coverage.

Official launch of my second photography zine

It’s finally official, I finally announced the launch of my second photography zine, a special theme zine on photography therapy and playbook. A personal project idea that came out from me handling my own personal situations during the ongoing global pandemic situation in 2021. Photography and writing were key factors that got me out from that rabbit hole.

More deep and personal insights can be read here inside this article that I wrote and published on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog. If you like to purchase my 2nd photography zine titled “TGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook”, it’s available on MagCloud.

TGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook

TGH Photography Zine Collection: TGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook

The motivation and story behind my second photography zine came about from some personal crisis in a middle of an ongoing global pandemic situation. There were a series of situations that took place in 2021.My second photography zine has a unique and special theme – photography therapy theme,…

Find out more on MagCloud

Reading Not Enough

I am not reading enough books, even though I am reading articles online, from both news outlets and writers from different genres. My books inside my cupboard are waiting for me to read them again or start reading them since I bought those books.

Time to go back reading “No Missing Tools: Creativity In An Age Of Abundance” by Fernando Gros, “The Little Book of Ikigai” by Ken Mogi and Taiwan street travel by Emico.

New books to read are “Klopp Bring The Noise” by Raphael Honigstein, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck* by Mark Manson and “Goodbye, Things on Minimalist Living” by Fumio Sasaki.   

Writing Not Fast Enough

I am not writing fast enough, on both media news coverage, media events coverage, as well as personal and visual storytelling side. On one hand, it can be really exhausting, it’s also more challenging to bring my writing to the next level.

Would I be able to get back to a faster pace of writing? Let’s see how it goes, I realised that quality writing takes a bit more time than usual, I do produce better quality articles too.

What’s up next for my writing topics/projects?

What’s up next for my writing topics/projects? I would break it down into a few areas that I am working on:

Personal writing

This is where I provide updates and reflections on personal and business side of things aka ranting on a quarterly basis, sometimes along with half yearly and full year review updates as well. My personal writing is where I am able to write freely, sharing what I want to share on a personal basis. This is my personal avenue and platform to release them in my own words, thoughts and feelings.

Special interest

Over my years of writing, media news coverage on both technology, photography and travel sectors, I have also developed interests and concerns in topics that are close to my heart and mind.

Some areas that I am planning to go more in-depth are sustainability and climate change, future and developments of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and future of work.

Visual storytelling – photography and travel

A genre that I started in 2006, my visual storytelling adventures and journeys on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog, accompanying my photography portfolio website TGH Photography, in my content creation and social media marketing/digital marketing journeys.

I am thinking of a new book project for year 2023, either a photo book or a visual storytelling travel book. More information and updates would be shared when I am ready to announce.

There could also be a chance for projects or commissioned work here in Singapore or overseas for my visual storytelling skillsets and experiences as well.

15 years young in 2023

Founded in 2008, TGH Technology and Business portal/blogs turning 15 years young in January 2023. Since I haven’t celebrate any major milestone for TGH Technology and Business portal/blog, I might do a milestone celebration, maybe something similar to the 15 years milestone for my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog in April 2021.

Journaling and Writing – Old School + Modern Technology

As I am making changes to my WFH workstation by adding a used 2017 Apple iMac 21.5, and hybrid remote working setup recently, adding a used Logitech Slim Combo keyboard for my Apple iPad Air 3, looking to add a few more peripherals soon to complete my content creation, photography and writing work, portable and on the move. I am trying out the Day One journaling app on my Apple iPad Air 3, typing down notes, thoughts and ideas while I am on the move.

During this period, I am also thinking about my journaling with notebooks for work/daily usage as well as a travelers notebook. Would I be able to combine old school + modern technology in my journaling and writing?

Next Stop – What would it be?

On board my writing and visual storytelling journey, coming to 15 years for this website. Next stop – What would it be? What are my goals, objectives and plans for my writing?

Let me think, let me plan, let me write it down.

Stay tuned, coming soon.

Updates and Thoughts – 15th November 2022

We are halfway through the month of November 2022, getting nearer to the end of year 2022. My last updates were in September, on this website, followed by my month of October articles: reflecting Q3 2022 and plans for Q4 2022 (technology/other business and personal) and reflecting Q3 2022 and plans for Q4 2022 (photography and travel). A month has passed, here’s another updates and thoughts – 15th November 2022.

There are a number of updates, thoughts and feelings on my mind right now, it’s not going to be everything written and published below, just selective and focusing on the bigger news/stuff that I am working on or taking place right now.

Twitter Saga

If you are on the Twitter platform, you would have already knew about the ongoing Twitter saga under a new ownership and Twitter users are now facing a lot of uncertainties and challenges ahead.

I started my journey on Twitter in June 2009, it had been a great platform for me to know creative folks from various genres, from photography, writing, filmmaking etc etc, to technology and business networks as well.

That’s a number of stuff, thoughts and feelings going through my mind now. Initially, I wanted to write and publish them early, however after chatting with Fernando Gros on Twitter (he’s someone whom I respect a lot, a huge inspiration to me especially in my writing and unlocking my creativity), I decided to hold back first, let me observe and follow the developments and changes on Twitter before I summarise my thoughts, feelings and future plans down the road in a separate article.

Oh yes, do follow me on Twitter! Here’s my profile – https://twitter.com/tangenghui

New WFH workstation configuration setup

My Apple MacBook Pro (MBP) 15” Early 2013 laptop is coming to a 10 years usage lifespan pretty soon in 2023. Therefore, I have to make adjustments to my workflow setup by adding a 2nd hand Apple iMac 21.5 2017 to my workstation setup (and I have been wanting a desktop computer too), not just as a backup computer, it’s also another work computer too.

My case + keyboard for my Apple iPad Air 3 has also deteriorated, the case was peeling off and rubber components breaking off, the keyboard was also a goner. With recent concern from others on my iPad Air 3 that looked terribly bad, I decided to look for a new keyboard case and I managed to get a good condition used Logitech Slim Combo Touch keyboard case for Apple iPad Air 3.

This is my new WFH workstation configuration setup for now, adding more accessories to my WFH workstation configuration setup, as well as my remote working setup. In the pipeline, a new MBP 14” with the M1 Pro chip is on the cards for Q1 or Q2 2023. I have pushed my 2013 MBP 15” for a solid 10 years, the time is now to get a replacement.

Ongoing discussions for photography business collaborations / projects

I decided to write and share some quick update for my TGH Photography business segment here, there are ongoing discussions for my photography business collaborations / projects, that would not just encompass photography, my visual story telling and videography would be coming into play as well.

New / Second photography zine would soon be officially announced and launched

Yes, finally finally, I am going to write and publish an article to officially announce the launch of my second photography zine. I am trying to get some photographs of my final 3rd mock up zine in a suitable setup/surrounding that I can use inside my article. If you like to know more about my 2nd photography zine, more information can be found inside this article!

Keep a look out for my announcement on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog!

Why am I posting lesser on my technology and business portal/blog?

I am not going to lie, I am posting lesser on my TGH Technology and Business portal/blog, it’s getting more challenging to strike a balance finding revenue for my business while maintaining media news coverage (non-paid).

Would I be able to handle more technology brands (consumer and enterprise) media coverage news down the road? I am not too sure yet, on the other hand, I am planning to work on a few areas that I am more interested in.

Anything happening in the final Q4 2022?

Is there anything exciting or happening in my final Q4 2022? I don’t know yet and I don’t think so, as I am keeping a low profile even though you will see tweeting away on Twitter a lot more than you can imagine. I just don’t show and share as much on social media with pictures.

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for more updates!

I would like to sincerely thank everyone reading for your support! Stay tuned for more updates, let’s see where my final sprint in Q4 2022 would lead me to at the end of Year 2022 and my start to a brand new year 2023!

Reflecting H1 & Q2 2022 (Other Business, Technology and Personal)

We are now into the second half of Year 2022, time flies in the blink of an eye. How was your second quarter (Q2) and first half (H1) of 2022 like for you? Overall for me, it had been a mix of ups and downs on the various side of things for my other business, technology and personal side of things. Taking the time to look back and reflect on H1 & Q2 2022 (Other Business, Technology and Personal), planning and aligning myself for Q3 2022 and H2 2022.

Social Media Marketing/Content Creator/Writer

An area that I developed and expanded from my early days as a writer, expanding into content creator and social media marketing. A business area that I am currently building on, with a mixed bag of results.

My first social media marketing work gig didn’t go well as planned, I reflected and analysed this gig. I won’t go too much into details due to privacy and confidentiality matters. All I can say is I can and should have handled it a lot better through proper communication.

Lessons learnt, moving forward for future social media marketing gigs, I would be much better prepared.

Other Business Interests

In the earlier part of Q2 2022 and H1 2022, there were other business interests that were floated up on joint business venture. A number of discussions took place, it didn’t go ahead as planned and it had to be KIV, a number of reasons and considering the circumstances at that time, pushing it back for future consideration might be a more prudent and safe decision.

Meanwhile, should there other business interests, ideas and projects that pop up on my radar, I would definitely take a look.

Technology Writer

A stabilised and established segment, much like my photography writing, both areas honed over more than a 10 years period. Nevertheless, that’s always room for improvement and expansion, one of the sectors that I am expanding on would be enterprise technology/B2B technology as well as niche technology topics that I had a stronger interest in e.g. cybersecurity, fin-tech, as well as environmental issues.

One constant challenge for me is to consistently publish technology news coverage, not only do I  receive more technology media news releases, there is also an emphasis on content creation for technology, photography and travel content.

Nonetheless, if you have interesting media pitches for technology or on other industries, chat with me personally and let’s see what we can do.


On a personal note, I didn’t get into much personal stuff and situations that might spiralled me downwards into a rabbit hole again. That’s definitely a good thing as well as a sigh of relief for me. As for the usual stressful and pressurising life of a small business owner is pretty much routine and normal, sometimes it just got more stressful and under more pressure at times.

Other than that, you can say I lead a “boring life” with low social economic status (SES) lifestyle, keeping low profile, private and confidential. My sharing on my insta stories don’t reveal much of my life at large.

Viewing those high SES lifestyle on my Instagram stories and posts, it can be so mentally exhausting.

Please be kind, Please do not Judge!

The world is getting more difficult to live and work in, we are not helped by the world economic situation as well as our social media driven and instant gratification glamorous lifestyle. The world needs more kind and understanding citizens, less judgemental people.

Please be kind, Please do not Judge! A reminder to myself too.

What’s next for Q3 2022 and H2 2022?

Just when we were working towards exiting a global pandemic situation that had caused so much disruptions to our economy and daily living from 2020 to 2022, the world entered into another crisis situation, the world is facing high inflation, ongoing conflict situation in Europe, a recession is looming above us, throw in possible stagflation too. Not to forget that we are not officially out of this global pandemic situation.

From a set of uncertainties to another different set of uncertainties, we have to be fluid and nimble that we can adapt should the need arises. While I am restricting and pivoting my other business interests/plans, writer, social media marketing with my commercial photography and content creation, I have to be nimble, be ready for changes and opportunities that might pop up.

What’s next for Q3 2022 and H2 2022? Let’s see where this journey brings me in the next quarter and 2nd half of 2022. Do check out my Reflecting H1 & Q2 2022 (Photography and Travel) article as well!

Anyway, in this era of instant gratification of showing off photos and videos, who still reads?

1st June 2022 – Start of a new month, strategising changes ahead

It’s Wednesday 1st June 2022, this marks the start of a new month, strategising changes ahead. Although it’s not yet the end of Q2 2022/H1 2022, there had been some thoughts, thinking, planning, reflections and strategising that took place over the past 2 weeks. I am writing them out, not too lengthy in words, I just need to type it out here and publish on my technology, business and personal website TGH Technology and Business portal/blog.

The economic situation had not been in good condition since the global pandemic hit the world in 2020, even though the world is coming out of the woods in 2022, the world is transiting from one troubled economy to another troubled and turbulent economy created by other elements. While I made the changes to adapt, adopt and change my business model and direction, diversifying into other business areas, upgrading new skills and knowledge, the whole situation is not getting any easier for small business operations like myself.

The world is messy, it’s getting worse and social media doesn’t help to make it better. Throw in the complacent and self-entitled human race, we might be in for a repeat of vicious cycle of history repeating if we are not careful and taking actions to make the changes for the future and better living.

Some opportunities had appeared recently, that got me reflecting and thinking deeply. Changes maybe coming on the horizon, if that change takes place, other changes would follow too. I mentioned it before on my social media platforms through small subtle hints. Only a very very small handful would know what’s on my cards.

On top of my regular content creation backlogs, I am pushing for the month of June to complete my editing and amendments of my second photography zine, speaking to my regular printing house here in Singapore for local prints. For international friends, they can get it from the MagCloud platform.

Start of a new month June 2022, I am strategising changes ahead. Anyway, how many read what I wrote and shared in detail here?

Thoughts, Views, Updates, Changes, Directions – 23rd May 2022

As we are getting closer to the halfway mark of year 2022, the time seemed to have accelerated its pace since the world started to open up even further with the ease of restrictions and safety measures. Although I am not going into a Q2 2022 or H1 2022 review, there are times whereby I have things happening, many thoughts and views inside my mind, it would also be good to take a break from the regular technology and media news coverage, going instead into writing and sharing personal thoughts, views, updates, changes, direction.

Thoughts and Views

The world is in a mess, we are not out of the woods in the ongoing battle against the global pandemic COVID-19. Further escalations and blowout from the conflict in Europe are very frightening for the whole world. The world is facing inflationary pressures and possible recessions in the next few years. A pandemic induced recession is continuing and converting into an economic recession.

World travel and tourism is opening up again, the world is finally restarting tourism. This industry has been so severely hit during this pandemic, the recovery is not going to be immediate, time is need to ramp up and return back to normal for the world travel and tourism industries. My travel wanderlust is getting stronger, I am not rushing out to travel yet, hopefully in Q3 or Q4 2022.

Social media marketing/digital marketing work is way more challenging than I first envisioned. Sometimes, there could be 5 different work roles packed inside one person’s workload. That’s still so much to learn from this work area.

Things are still not easy and rosy on the ground level, the economy is still working to get back to its feet and it’s not immediate or an exponential climb. On LinkedIN, you might not think so, with so much ra ra and hype going on for some big companies sharing what they are doing on LinkedIN.

Updates and Changes

I probably have very boring updates, not exciting, not glamorous, not showing my face or selfies on Facebook personal, Facebook Page or Instagram. Although I might be tweeting away a lot on Twitter, that’s a mix of social media marketing, digital marketing, intellectual conversations, interesting travel networking chats, and of course, my usual ranting and emotional updates. I don’t show my life as much as some of my friends are sharing.

Even my Instagram posts are slowing down, my Instagram stories are copy and paste from Twitter, and my impromptu photography from my boring and unglamorous daily life. I am exhausted from the social media chasing, the FOMO stuff. I just want to return back to producing quality visual stories, documentations and travel adventures on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog, instead of chasing for the wrong things on social media.

I am still working on the review, editing and amendments for my second photography zine. There had been some delays, I need to do better than this, time to pull up my socks and get to finish up this unfinished segment.

On the subject of changes, change is the only constant, applying changes to adapt to the situations, for the present and for the future.


While I am not exactly at the crossroads, I might be entering into the crossroad soon and that would set me thinking. Even though I am craving out new business, strategic and content creation directions, new ones came onboard.

I am expanding my travel writing/content marketing and travel photography segment, I reckon the travel and tourism industry needs a bit more time to ramp up before it can return back to its pre-pandemic levels, thus I have a media pitch titled, Special Theme Q2 2022 – Fully Restarting Tourism. The initial response is not too bad, I would start publishing on travel and tourism news and insights soon. Meanwhile, would my travel writing/content creation/photography take off with the world fully restarting tourism? I won’t know yet.

There is also a business partnership discussion that is currently ongoing, I estimate the timeline for this to take between 3-6 more months for it to be fruitful, whereby all parties are agreeable to go ahead with this.

A surprise came in recently when I received a job proposal pitch for a content marketing role at a fin-tech start up, a permanent full-time role. I would not go into more details on this part, let’s just say this is another opportunity to explore, you never know where this might brings you.

What’s Next?

What’s next? There are still many parts unknown, I am navigating my journey ahead with a mix of optimism and caution. Anyway, many people would not care or read much into what I have written here. They are probably more concerned with sharing their life photos and what they are doing to their social media networks.

One step at a time, we are not out of the woods yet, many more challenges and difficulties ahead.

Updates, Thoughts and Views on 1st May 2022 Labour Day

It’s Sunday 1st May 2022, start of a new month in the midst of a long weekend here in Singapore with Hari Raya Puasa public holiday on Tuesday 3rd May 2022. If you have been following and reading my portal/blog for a while, you would know I would break my technology and business media news coverage with personal updates, reflections, thoughts and views on personal matters and other areas. Here’s me starting off the month of May, on a long weekend break with something different – Updates, Thoughts and Views on 1st May 2022 Labour Day.

Call for media pitches: Special Theme Q2 2022 – Fully Restarting Tourism

First and foremost, a major update for my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog. I am inviting a call for media pitches: Special Theme Q2 2022 – Fully Restarting Tourism. The world is opening up their borders, lowering/removing the travel restrictions. This reopening/restarting is not immediate, it would need a bit of time to ramp up resources, training, planning and getting hands on again.

More information on this media pitch can be read here!

Photography Business

An area of concern as this is not picking up as fast as I would like it to be. I would relook into this from both internal and external factors/environments, what I am currently doing, planning and in relation with my other areas of work/other business.

Social Media Marketing

I entered into this sector with high hopes that I would do alright at the start. However, I was taken aback in the wide scope, requirements and expectations for this field of work, this was much harder than I initially thought and expect.

Hard and harsh lessons learnt, now to continue adapting and changing to implement and combine all elements of my photography, videography, writing, content creation and all things social media/digital marketing together, more efficiently and effectively.

Oh yes, throw in “You have to be a designer/graphic artist” as well.

Other Business Interests

I have always been on the lookout for other business interests, finding opportunities to invest or work in them. I can’t say much more due to business sensitivity and privacy. When the time is ripe, I would share more.

Content Creation / Writer’s World

Content creation and writing, on both personal and professional basis, have opened many journeys, avenues, social media platforms and friendships that I never dreamt about. My second photography zine is undergoing review, edit and amendments, there should be an official announcement coming in later part of May 2022.

On a personal note

We are finally opening up, from the economy, borders and travel, to our daily living. We all want a full return back to normal life again soon, will we be the same as before? I am not too sure whether we can still return back to those pre-pandemic days. How would the new future of work and living turn out, I do not know.

I am planning to consolidate my stories, thoughts, feelings and emotions that I went through during this global pandemic period (from 2020), my visual stories and my photographs, before giving a deep thought on my next course of action.

Q2 2022 – Start of a new route on a return to normal?

Today is Friday 1st April 2022, marking the start of a new quarter Q2 for year 2022. Some are still in jovial mood with their April Fool’s Day jokes, I don’t know why, I kind of ignored the April Fool’s Day stuff, they don’t spark joy nor excitement. For me Q2 2022, it feels like the start of new route on a return to normal? After reflecting Q1 2022, updates and thoughts, I began to look at Q2 2022, thinking, planning and strategising ahead.

I just want to write my own deep thinkings, thoughts, feelings and emotions

In between my technology and business media news coverage on this TGH Technology and Business website of mine, I wanted to break away from my technology and business news coverage, and write my own deep thinking, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

It’s personal, it’s real, from the heart and very authentic. Some do read, most won’t read, they are not interested, I am boring to them. Maybe they prefer to chase the lavish and extravagant social media lifestyle on display?

Re-opening of the borders between Singapore and Malaysia

Family and homecoming, how people got separated by this ongoing global pandemic. When the borders reopened on the midnight of 1st April 2022, I saw the news, photos and videos of the Causeway between Singapore and Malaysia reopening. Vehicles and people queuing up to make the trip across from Singapore to Malaysia.

You can feel the joy, not just about opening up the borders, it’s about family, going back home and reuniting with their family. For some or many of them, they have been separated from their family for 2 years.

Beyond financial and economic impacts, the social, mental, emotional impacts on us caused by this global pandemic are huge and beyond putting a monetary value to the impacts and damages.

Re-opening of the economy (positive and real)

This is not an exponential sharp climb up, it’s not going to be immediate. Personally, I feel that the re-opening of the economy is positive and real (finally). That’s still a lot of work to be done, on all levels.

Balancing my commercial photography business, social media marketing and side work gigs had not been easy in Q1 2022. This is still a work in progress, hopefully I can get it stable and balanced soon. Meanwhile, I am still on the lookout for new opportunities that has been put forward to me.

Restarting Travel and Tourism

When can we restart tourism? I think we are finally and truly restarting travel and tourism. Along with Singapore opening up its borders, more countries are opening up their borders. I would touch on this more in-depth on my TGH Photography and Travel website soon.

The slap – This got me thinking

One of the writers that I looked upon for inspiration and guidance in writing, thought thinking, creativity and photography, Fernando Gros, he wrote an article titled “The Slap”. After reading his article, this got me thinking. The slap is an incident that took place live in front of world wide audience watching on television.

How shallow and distractible is our world culture right now? It kind of mirror into those social media lavish and extravagant lifestyle that some like to portray and show to the rest of the world.   

Of my technology and business media news coverage

Of late, I found it challenging, demanding and taxing on me, to maintain technology and business media news coverage with my photography business, social media marketing and side work gigs. For those reading, from the brands/organisations or agency folks, if you like to work on a more in-depth coverage of topics/interest or products, reach out to me and we can work something out.

Meanwhile, I would still be working on finding a balance point on what I am doing/handling. Sometimes, it can be very tiring until I need to take breaks in between my media news coverage and writing.

Q2 2022 – Start of new route on a return to normal?

Around the same time in year 2021, many of us were kind of hoping and expecting the world to reopen up and start the journey to recovery and a return to a more normal life. We were kind of left in limbo with changing rules and restrictions, one step forward, two steps backwards.

I was caught out, got myself on the wrong end of some other matters as well, on top of this failed expectations of a return to normal. Q2 and Q3 2021 became a huge test for me personally,  mentally and emotionally. If you are keen to know more, you can search through my archives.

However for Q2 2022, this time round, not only does it feel different, the speech and directions given by Prime Minister Lee during his address to Singapore on 24th March 2022 gave us the assurance and directions that we are heading towards as Singapore relaxed its COVID-19 measures.

While we are still not out of the woods yet, personally 24th March 2022 marks the start to see light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, we want to get back to a more normal life, we want to travel for our holidays. Please don’t be complacent and throw away all your safety measures. Let’s be safe and vigilant against this global pandemic while we start on this new route on a return to a new normal.

I am still cautious, I knew what I went through when I was optimistic on the recovery, only to be dealt with changes and flip-flop that threw me off. The omens and signs are more true and real starting in Q2 2022, this shouldn’t be a false start (fingers crossed).

We are not out of the woods yet, we still need to work our way out. Be safe, be brave, let’s move ahead.

ASUS ProArtist Awards 2022 Design Competition

ASUS recently announced the ASUS ProArtist Awards 2022, a global design competition with a theme of Explore Beyond the Limits. This competition is free to enter, it’s open to all enthusiasts and professional creators of all ages, celebrating creativity in all forms from all brilliant minds. The entry submission is open between 1st March and 15th May 2022, the winners and all runners-up will be announced in June 2022.

The ASUS ProArtist Awards 2022 are organized by ASUS in alliance with creative industry leaders Pantone®, Calibrite® and Adobe®, along with the California-based ArtCenter College of Design. The competition is intended to encourage and inspire creators in the four competition categories of Photography, Graphic Design, Film, and Animation, and serves as a free platform for enthusiasts and professionals of all ages from all countries (1) to celebrate their limitless creativity.

Submissions will be closely evaluated by an international panel consisting of renowned content creators industry professionals, ASUS ProArtists, and ASUS experts. In order to give the wider public a voice, the jury panel will award 80% of the final score, and public votes will comprise the remaining 20%. A winner and a runner-up will be chosen for each of the four categories, and prizes will consist of cash, ASUS creator hardware, free global online publicity, and a chance to collaborate on ASUS design projects. There will also be an NFT listing-fee rebate as a bonus prize.

There will also be a People’s Choice Award in each category based on public voting, as well as great lucky draw prizes for contestants and public voters. For full competition terms and conditions, please visit https://www.asus.com/campaign/ASUS-ProArtist-Awards-2022

Exciting prizes worth over US$100,000

The total value of prizes for the ASUS ProArtist Awards 2022 is over US$100,000 (2), with a cash prize for each of the four category winners of US$10,000, and US$5,000 for each of the four runners-up. Winners and runners-up will also receive fantastic bundles of ASUS creator hardware including creator laptops from the ProArt Studiobook, Zenbook Pro, and Vivobook Pro series; ProArt displays; ProArt motherboards; and ProArt accessories.

In order to give winners a broad platform to help showcase their creations and achieve their ambitions, the first prize winners and runners-up will in addition enjoy extensive international publicity via the web platforms of ASUS and the judges; and receive a gas-fee rebate (3) on NFT platforms as a bonus prize to give the artists proof of ownership and wider exposure for commercial opportunities. NFT listing is optional, and non-mandatory. All winners will receive an ASUS ProArtist certificate, and will be offered the potential opportunity to collaborate with ASUS on future real-world design projects.

Diverse international jury panel

ASUS ProArtist Awards has invited creative industry leaders, renowned creators, professional ASUS ProArtist collaborators, and representatives of ArtCenter College of Design — one of the top design institutions in the US — to form a diverse jury panel that represents a broad range of creative disciplines. Among the jurors are world-famous content creators, including global creative photographer Jordi Koalitic, 3D illustrator Josiah ‘Jazza’ Brooks, filmmaker Matti Haapoja, graphic designer Benjamin van Valen of Benny Productions, and 3D artist Nathan ‘Ducky 3D’ Duck, plus Adobe’s Principal Director, Creative Cloud Evangelist, Terry White. The jury is committed to conducting a fair and balanced assessment of the entries based on the jurors’ extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism.

The ASUS ProArtist Awards: a boundless platform for creators

ASUS is passionate about technology and driven by innovation. Recognizing that every creator needs their own special equipment to deliver the perfect solution for an efficient workflow, ASUS has assembled one of the most comprehensive ranges of creator technology and established the ProArt sub-brand, which is dedicated to bringing out the best in creativity from all creative minds.

Our search for incredible ideas and experiences led us to create the ASUS ProArtist Awards. We welcome creators from all fields, and of all ages, to Explore Beyond the Limits of art and unleash their wildest creativity on the world. The ASUS ProArtist Awards serve as a boundless platform allowing creators to express the world as they see it through their eyes, to push their limits and explore beyond reality to create something previously unseen with a unique point of view.


(1) Entries will only be accepted from residents of regions where regulations allow participation

(2) Terms and condition apply, please visit the website for full details

(3) ASUS will assist winners financially to list their winning artwork on the NFT platform as an award bonus prize. The listing-fee rebate solely includes the gas fee occurred when listing is non-mandatory, and entrants may choose whether to accept the bonus prize or not. ASUS will not force winners to list their works. ASUS will not create an NFT account on behalf of winners and will not represent winners or list their winning design pieces on NFT platforms under different names. ASUS will not profit from any of the NFT actions, including any future profit made from the entries.

* Information and picture courtesy of ASUS *