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One Year Later - Financial Crisis - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

One year ago, a world economy that was flying and moving strongly in the world markets and economy suddenly came to a halt and an avalanche followed, tumbling prices, crisis, bankrupt, spiraling from a financial crisis to a world economic crisis. This crisis magnitude was of such a GIANT size equalling second to the Global Depression of the 1920s and if you are experiencing this economic crisis, regardless of young or old, you have been a part of this financial and economic crisis that might not happen (hopefully) in your lifetime.

The financial crisis, the causes and aftermath are well documented and researched in today’s highly connected world, google any key words and many information and data would be easily available. It’s VERY IMPORTANT that we learned the harsh lessons of the financial crisis, realised our mistakes and remedy them, before we can embark on the road to recovery (that might be going slow).

First and foremost, remembering how it started, the timeline of the crisis done by CNN Business and Global Recession Timeline by BBC News, learning lessons of Lehman and 5 Lessons from the CRASH, great information and financial planning lessons for ALL. Do drop by this special insight reports by BBC News on the Special Report of the Global Recession.

Moving forward, the world economy and financial markets ahead are still uncertain, some experts said the worst of world recession is over – do check out the reports here. However, the world economy is still sluggish and most probably longer to full recover.

There are many lessons learned here, we all need to learn and move on, rebuild and grow again.

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