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Reading Jack Ma’s Advice to the Young People - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

The first 2 months of 2016 had been a real test for me, picking myself up from the thing that happened to me. As much as it was a very difficult and ugly situation to be in, I also take on the responsibility on myself, see where I have not done good enough, learn from my mistakes and move on from there. I decided that I must pick myself up again.

During the past 2.5 months, while I was reflecting on the things that happened to me, the life lessons, some very harsh lessons. I went back to reading, about personal development, growth, creativity and entrepreneurship. I confessed that I gotten lazy in the area of “Sharpening the Saw”, the 7th Habit in Dr. Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Therefore, I started my renewal process, started reading a new book titled “No Missing Tools – Creativity In An Age of Abundance” by Fernando Gros. This book has plugged some loop holes inside my heart, mind and soul that helps to unlock my creativity (I never thought that I am a creative person) and “fixed societal mindsets” that never cross my mind, brain, heart and soul. A book that complements my earlier readings and learning by Dr. Stephen Covey, T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Joe Girard, Anthony Robbins. Each author teaching me a part of the bigger jigsaw puzzle that I built over the years. In short, I would share more in detail about “No Missing Tools” at another time, likely in a book review chapter format that I learnt before. This short paragraph about “No Missing Tools” does not give enough credit and do enough justice to this creative book that helped me pull through during this 2..5 months of down time. It is also not because that Fernando Gros is a friend of mine that I know personally, he is like a mentor too.

Recently, I started to follow Jack Ma’s learning and sharing. His sharing and teachings resonate with me, I have now embarked on reading and listening to his teachings and sharing. In a YouTube video, Jack Ma was in South Korea, speaking to a television audience. This particular video hit me with impact, I listened again and again.

Listening to Jack Ma replying to a question posed to him from the audience when he appeared on tv when he was in Korea. These were his words, his experiences, his teachings –

Before 20 years old

Jack Ma said, “Be a good student, wait to entrepreneur, just learn some experience”

Before 30 years old

Jack Ma said, “Follow somebody, go to a small company”

Between joining a big company and small company, a big company is a good place to learn processing and be part of a big machine

A small company is where you can learn about passion, dreams and how to do a lot of things at one time.

Jack Ma said, “It’s not which company you go but which boss you follow. A good boss teaches differently”

From 30-40 years old

You have to think very clearly, you are working for yourself if you want to be an entrepreneur.

From 40-50 years old

Jack Ma said, “You have to do all the things that you are GOOD at. Don’t try to jump into the new area, it’s too late. You may be successful but the rate of dying is too high.”

“Think about how you can FOCUS on things that you are GOOD at”

From 50-60 years old

Jack Ma said, “Work for the young people. Because young people can do better than you. So rely on them, invest on them and make sure they are good.”

Over 60 years old

Jack Ma said, “Spend time for yourself. On the beach, sunshine. It’s too late for you to change”

Jack Ma summarised and round off his reply to the audience’s question

For 25 years old, make enough mistakes, don’t worry.

Jack Ma said, “You FALL, you STAND UP, you FALL, you STAND, Enjoy it! Enjoy the show”

How Jack Ma’s words and other great writers teachings impact and affect each person differently. What I shared are based on my own personal experiences, my own unique personal journey, with a number of failures, heartbreaks, heartaches, hurt and disappointments.

Before I proceed further, if you feel and think that, you have the right and moral authority to judge me again and again, and criticise me that I am procrastinating, by all means, go ahead. I can’t stop you.

I moved into self-employment and entrepreneurship from 28 years old, learning financial advisory, financial management, business consultancy, investment, business networking, marketing (traditional and digital), crowdfunding, venture capitalism, personal growth, personal development. Along with social media, blogging, photography and writing, my world expanded so much more.

I failed many times, I fell, I stand up, I fell again and this happened to me again just 2.5 months ago. Now I had picked myself up and stand up again, taking my first few steps into a new journey that I am slowly carving it out for myself and through my partnerships.

As I am moving from the 30-40 years old age range into 40-50 years old age range, I looked upon Jack Ma’s sharing and teachings –

“You have to do all the things that you are GOOD at. Don’t try to jump into the new area, it’s too late. You may be successful but the rate of dying is too high.”

“Think about how you can FOCUS on things that you are GOOD at”

Yes, the reality hurts, the truth hurts. In the upcoming market downturn in 2016 and possibly extending into 2017, I have to FOCUS on the things/skills/knowledge/experiences that I am GOOD at, that I learned and accumulated over the past 10 years.

Taking each step at a time on my new journey, I hope to share more if I can, on my new ventures, setup, partnerships.

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