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Remembering the life and legacy of my Grandmother

In no order of sequence or planned blog posts of my recent accident and happenings, I decided to jump a step ahead of the happenings and dedicate this post to my maternal grandmother, recently passed on due to a ripe old age of 93 years.

When the news was broke out to me by my cousin, it came as a bit of shock for me, while still in a stage of rehabilitation and recovery, it kind of took a hit at me emotionally for a while, having to rant it out on facebook and twitter with my thoughts and emotions. Friends were quickly there to help and offer condolences and moral support, via facebook and twitter, the support was greatly appreciated.

However, when I looked back at the life of my grandmother, it’s a relief and blessing for her. She had lived a long life of 93 years, passing on without any struggle or pain, it was peaceful. Even with a body not fully recovered and still partially disabled, it would not deter me from paying my final respects and be with my grandmother on her final hours on Earth. The hospital staff were very understanding and supportive, thus making my home leave visit without much hassles or difficulties. Cousins were on hand to fetch me to and fro from place to place, very thankful for their help during these 2 days. My colleagues came down too during the funeral wake and offered their condolences and moral support.

On her final journey, as we the extended family bid goodbye and last wishes, looking at her for the last time, her memories would live in us forever, remembering the legacy and life of my Grandmother, a rich life of 93 years.

Lest We Forget !

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