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A Nasty & Freakish Fall - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

In life and reality, as much as we take effort to plan, strategise and taking action to execute them, review, refine and continue again, there is always an element of unpredictability, surprise, unforseen circumstances and even accidents.

Life sometimes can be so unpredictable, looking back, at about 1 month ago, I slipped on a oily & wet surface and landed very badly and awkwardly, landed left sided, fracturing my left hip and left shoulder, resulting in an operation to repair and patch my left hip. I never thought how a nasty fall could result in such an injury, reflecting, it was probably the direction and impact of my fall, as well as landing on the hard iron surface that could have resulted in such an injury, I personally find how I landed and injured myself freakish.

An operation to repair my hip bone, spend about a week in an acute hospital before transferring to a community hospital for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. It was a very tough journey, threw all my goals and planning for 2010 off the track, with 2-3 months expected out of action and full recovery might likely be 6 months to 1 year. All my major running have to be postponed and my marathon running for 2010 comes to a halt for a full rehabilitation and recovery program. My businesses and work took a back seat, it’s difficult to concentrate and focus on businesses and work during this period of time, as time progresses, I would slowly ease myself back to life again.

There were great moral support from family, relatives, cousins, nieces, friends, colleagues during the past 1 month, I don’t know what words could help describe them here for all your support. During this time, many thoughts, inspired by readings, learning by doing rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

In life, we are always learning and improving, these 2-3 months will be another BIG learning lesson and life experiences for me, giving me the experiences to help and guide people in crisis next time. Therefore, I would be sharing as much as I could to help and inspire people to get back on track.

I will be back soon, keep a lookout 😀

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