It had been quite a while since I blogged on my personal and photoblog, in a nutshell, went Missing in Action for quite a while with the exception of Twitter and Facebook. As I am writing down my brief thoughts into words, paragraphs and stories, there might be a number of posts to pen down my recent misadventures, rebuilding the confidence and personal development, enriching and strengthening the mind and soul to overcome the difficulties and challenges ahead.

Therefore, what really happened ? Some of you out there would know the whole story, however, I am not planning to go into full details for privacy reasons. As I recovers and started back my route of recovery, it’s like learning how to walk again, before you can walk fast and run. Just when I thought my recovery was on track, a family bereavement hit and derailed me for a few days, as much as there are sadness and grief, yet on the other hand, we celebrated the long life, of my 93 year old Grandmother that passed on a few days ago.

From my few years of blogging, writing this was quite a challenge for me, breaking through a defensive shell that I had been wearing in the midst of rehabilitation, recovery and rest. In the next few posts over the days, the stories and misadventure would come to light.

2 thoughts on “Series of Events & Happenings”
  1. When darkness is over, “sunshine” our rays of hope will set in. Do not despair but believe that you will have the strength to stand up with confidence again. Life is full of ups and downs but we will not fall down forever.

    Your grandmother is resting in peace now and my condolences to your family. Take care.

  2. Hi Denesa

    Thank U for your words of encouragement !

    My grandmother is resting in peace now and blessed to reach a ripe old age of 93 years.

    Memories of her would always be inside us.

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