Pace of business, work and life is pretty hectic. Nevertheless, everyday, I would take time to read my various books from the fields of sales, personal development and leadership, while I am traveling to and fro from home to appointments to office.

Recently, I dug out my treasure box and uploaded my Zig Ziglar’s book chapter reviews, a good revision for me too ! For the other few books, I would balance my readings and post my book chapter reviews quite regularly as possible. Please pardon me if I do not post for a few days.

Changed my working desk at home, a brand new office table with a counter-riser, sorting out my stationery, letters, paperwork, desktop and rearranging my piled-up notes and work materials. Need to dismantle my old computer work desk for selling to 2nd hand dealers.

Actively taking photos of the National Education Shows (National Day Parade 2008 Rehearsals), please do drop by my photojournalism blog links and take a look ! 

Alright folks, thanks for taking time to read this post ! Appreciate it !

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