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The End of an era of Singapore Food ?

The topic of food can be something special, heartwarming, bridging of cultural and language barriers. Any where in the world, there is always different types of food that is brought over from other parts of the world. 

Being a food lover, it immediately came to my attention when the Sunday Times covered a report on “EAT IT WHILE YOU CAN” on pages 24 and 25 of the Lifestyle Section. It was the dilemma or decision of the second generation of hawkers not passing down their businesses to their next and future generations. I flipped into the 2 big pages and read thoroughly in its report. 

Indeed, some of our local food would be facing “extinction”, it came across to my mind as “food for thought”. Some questions pop into my thinking mind –

  • Are the rise of capitalisation and economic growth cause us to look down on the status and stigmata of being a hawker ?
  • Do we appreciate our local food and take pride in them as part of our unique culture that we are building up ?

Well, some food would still be continued by the newer generations, based on their strong faith and belief in their legacy of their food culture and business, and continuing to safeguard their family recipes.

The future of Singapore hawker food is a question mark now, I do not wish to see my favourite food stalls slowly disappearing before long, I would be starting a special segment on my favourite local food and sharing it with people from all over the world and of course my fellow Singaporeans.  I am inspired and always get hungry reading and viewing photos from  I Eat I Shoot I Post, whereby he blogs on Singapore’s Best Food. Do drop by there and read it, I guarantee you would be hungry after reading a few posts !!

I Eat I Shoot I Post, he’s an inspiration to us locals, on keeping the spirit of the Singapore local food burning and treasured, with pride and glory, and possibly continuing the tradition going on for generations.

With so much “Food For Thought”, what are your favourite local Singapore Hawker Food ?

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