Short Updates

It’s now the final quarter of 2008, and the pace seems to be getting faster, responsibilities getting heavier, managing businesses just as challenging.

Been a hectic week of work, business, events and gatherings

– Undertaking projects

– Niece Charlene Birthday Gathering Dinner on 31st July

– SAJC 2S6 mini Dinner Gathering on 1st August 

– Prospecting new business deals. 

– Started Facebook (finally), do add ME !! 

– University of Queensland Alumni Ex-Co Meeting and Planning on 29th July

– Clementi North Primary School Batch of 1989 School Mates Mini Lunch Gathering on 30th July

– Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Chapter Ex-Co Events & Planning

– Client Servicing & Advisory

My life can be a little bit packed at times, sometimes got too busy too. Need to rebalance my things that I am handling, prioritise and fight to raise my level to the next higher playing level.

By the way, the army half-marathon and nike10k+ run is coming up soon, time to start training for the runs !

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