A mini milestone had been reached for my personal blog, since its soft launch on 3rd January 2008 and official launch on 10th January 2008. 

8 months of blogging, not the most active of daily blogging, many different experiences shared, knowledge shared here and running tips. It was something for myself to improve, learn and breakthrough, thus able to set a good role model and mentoring for my juniors in my alumni associations especially my outside extended family network of the Dragon Scout Group.

Therefore, what did I exactly do differently today beside this 100th post ? Well, I started to get serious running in preparation for my half-marathon in 3 weeks time. We should not get complacent even though I had some form of conditioning before, time to get myself in peak running momentum for the 21km. 

Looking foward ahead for my personal blog, it will continue to grow and be a beacon of light for motivation, a true north compass direction, sharing and mentoring for all my readers.

For those who had always supported me, in my various different life journeys as an entrepreneur, blogger, businessman, photographer and “senior spokesperson”, I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart !

Have a nice National Day Celebration Weekend !

2 thoughts on “100th Post”
  1. Thanks for your support !

    The wordpress counts the number of posts, therefore, I am able to countdown to my mini milestone.

    I look foward to your important milestone !

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