The Secret Film – The Secret to Life

The Secret to YOU, that I wrote and shared about 1 year ago here, was something very special and unique to me, that impacted me beyond my imagination. Yesterday, while with my friends Jack and Brian chatting over afternoon tea, we watched the The Secret Film and once again, I was brought back to my thoughts, thinking and emotions 1 year ago ….

The Secret reveals the single most powerful law in the universe, it dawns upon me that …..

It’s not just about your work, business or career, it’s also about your health, relationship and happiness. As I reflect upon myself, my inner self, the invisible barriers that I set up without telling anybody, it’s an omen to myself that I can CHANGE MY LIFE !

Today is the Day that is The Secret to Life !!

I am able to change my life, no matter who you are, no matter where you are

What Is The Secret

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