Water, an invaluable commodity, a natural resource that brings water, life, business and culture to a region, country and continent. With global climate changing and global warming affecting the world today, water has also been affected and over many years, there has been a call to recognise and spread the cause on the importance of water.

How important is clean drinking water to each and everyone’s health, well-being and growth ? How many children died each day from illness due to a lack of clean drinking water ? The number is 4000 !

WaterAid America and megree, along with BloggersUnite, are coming together to spread the cause, a need for clean water, to the rest of the world. We all can make a difference to help, pay-it-forward and spread the cause of WaterAid – A Burden For Thirst.

Your little action makes a difference and a positive impact, every drop makes an ocean, helping to spread this noble cause via blogging and social media networks/channels. These impacts and steps could save some lives, make a big change for the future generation.

Take action, make a difference, help spread the cause, tell your loved ones and friends. Let’s all make this world a better place for All!

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