The field of sales and selling is an art by itself, something that people do not really understand thoroughly, they hate salespeople but yet love to buy things ? What is it that makes sales and selling such a unique skill that all human beings posses it in them ?

I never really understand about sales and selling, although I had a bit of retail sales experience before moving into my current entrepreneur career that requires selling many different kind of services, products and myself.

A wise quote from my old mate, Nicholas, a private banker, said something to me, “We are born to sell since we are very young, when as a young child, we would always “sell ourselves” to attract our parents’ attention”……. Simple yet so enlightening.

Therefore, at National Achiever’s Congress 2008, there was this world class speaker, who  was eagerly awaited by many participants there, his name was Joe Girard and the ONE and ONLY Joe Girard. Before coming to National Achiever’s Congress, I had no idea how powerful and charismatic Joe Girard was.

When Joe Girard was announced to the participants, he slowly walked from the back of the hall, and there was a standing ovation, welcoming the master of sales and selling. People all around wanted to shake hands with the ONE and ONLY Joe Girard, till he was mobbed.

Up on the stage, Joe Girard delivered an awesome and mind-opening training on the field of sales and selling, his many different actions were simply amazing, something that makes him special, unique and world class.  There were so many acts that he performed, each special act, depicting a key lesson and learning point that Joe Girard wanted to put across to all of us. One example was, Joe Girard was climbing up a ladder that was about 12 feet high (estimation), he slowly climbed up and sharing his story on how he overcame troubles and failures, climbing 1 step at a time, with a belly full of fire (burning desire).

Joe Girard did not put up many (hardly) power point slides, we listened very hard and attentively to his words, sentences and key phrases, that he was coaching and mentoring us constantly. There were many key quotes of wisdom from Joe Girard –

  1. “I Like You”
  2. The Power of Positive Thinking
  3. Life Is A Game
  4. Climb ONE Step at a Time, With a Belly Full of Fire (Burning Desire)
  5. Focus
  6. “You Will Not Take My Time Away From Me”
  7. The Name of the Game: SERVICE ! SERVICE !
  8. Sell Yourself
  9. People Buy People
  10. Disarm Fear
  11. “There Will Never Be Another Number One Like You”
  12. “You are Number One, and EVER, and EVER”
  13. Never Once Were 2 the SAME
  14. I Feel GOOD
  15. I Fell GREAT
  16. I am Number ONE

Joe Girard gave me an insight into the field of sales and selling, it’s not just about products, it’s about ourselves. That’s why I bought his books

  • How to Sell Yourself
  • How to Sell Anything to Anybody
  • How to Close Every Sale

Selling is universal, even in our daily life, towards our friends, loved ones and strangers. Inside the world of selling, we would also be able to understand ourselves more and be more confident about ourselves and how we conduct and live our daily life, thus making us happier and helping other people too.

A wonderful set of wisdom and knowledge to hone my skills, improve and grow in my career and personal life. Let’s all put our heart and soul into it, with ACTION and RESULTS would show !

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