The role, significance and power of the internet today is so huge and there are many different things operating inside it, information, news, blogs, advertising, marketing and auctions. Writing down anything and everything about the internet would probably produce millions of stuff. Therefore, it is indeed a great opportunity for building wealth, an area that I had started in Blogging and Internet Marketing under the tutelage of Jack Lan.

People who use the internet would know about eBay, most of them would have use the platform and services before (I haven’t used eBay before though !) . However, if people were told how they could make a fortune via eBay, they would probably frown and laugh at you. Adam Ginsberg,  was there to share with the participants at National Achiever’s Congress 2008, “How to Buy, Sell & Make a Fortune Using eBay“, it was a very interesting marketing and direct sales channel via the eBay.

The reasons why eBay was so awesome were due to the sheer size of visitos and registered members, it is really huge. There were 2 types of people

  1. People who create an internet business using eBay for passive income and cash flows
  2. People who use eBay to make a ton of money in real estate

Well, being a total greenhorn in eBay, I never realised that eBay had the platform to sell real estate online !

Adam Ginsberg shared on the secrets of success –

  • Success is the result of GOOD JUDGEMENT
  • Good judgement is the result of EXPERIENCE
  • Experience is the result of BAD JUDGEMENT

The success of eBay is due to its –

  1. Proven System
  2. Viable Marketplace

Using eBay for your selling, we would be able to –

  1. Sell your “stuff”
  2. Sell other people’s “stuff”
  3. High Ticket Items

Overall, it gave me a great insight into internet marketing, something I still had a lot more to learn, and possibly adopt using the eBay to make a fortune by Adam Ginsberg. Looking and moving foward, I would plan, strategise and take the actions to launch “Making a fortune via eBay” into my current internet marketing and blogging.

Time to take out my junk and sell/auction off …….. Any takers ?

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