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Updates 1st December 2022 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Thursday 1st December 2022, we are now entering into the final month of year 2022, we can countdown 31 more days before we usher and welcome a new year 2023. This would be a mix of technology, business, writing and personal updates before I start my Christmas gift guides sharing, as well as technology and business media news coverage before taking a short break from writing and publishing during the last week of December 2022.

Final month of 2022 – Final sprint

This is the final month of 2022, this would be the final sprint to the end of year 2022, wrapping and closing up my year 2022 before starting new and fresh for year 2023. I am aiming to clear as many backlogs as possible, from media coverage news to product reviews.

Consolidation and preparation for 2023

The last week of December 2022, the period from Christmas leading up to New Year 2023, I am designating this week to be a rest week, consolidating and reflecting on my year 2022, strategising and preparing for my year 2023, choosing my yearly theme for 2023, goals and objectives.

What is a yearly theme all about? Visit and read this earlier article that I published in the first quarter of 2022 – my yearly theme for 2022 (Technology, Business and Personal) and yearly theme for 2022 (Photography and Travel). If you like to learn more about using a yearly theme instead of goals and objectives for the year, I strongly encourage you to visit Fernando Gros article on “How To Choose A Yearly Theme”.

Writing – personal, technology, business, social media

A number of topics are on my mind, ranging from a wide personal, technology, business and future of social media, that I am planning to write about. They might not be published in December 2022, they would probably feature in Q1 2023.

Topics on my mind:

  • Future of Twitter and social media usage
  • Business and economy outlook for 2023
  • Cryptocurrency – what lies ahead in 2023 and beyond?

Some battles that you will never know

A few days ago from this day 1st December 2022, there were two consecutive days when I met with friends who made their views heard, on asking me if I am considering to give up my business and return back to employee work.

While it’s out of friendly and genuine concern, I am also feeling the hurt and disappointment. Each of us have our own battles to fight, some if not all the battles that you will never know.

Nothing lasts forever, even though people make plans, goals and objectives, we don’t exactly know what the future lies or might change. Tomorrow is a mystery, some might say.   

Christmas (December) + Birthday (January) gifts – Any sponsors?

The December Christmas festive season is upon us, before we know or even realised it, we will be starting off a new year in January 2023, preparing for Chinese New Year (CNY) 2023 during January 2023. Since my birthday is somewhere in between Christmas and CNY, any kind sponsors would like to sponsor me a 2-in-1 gift?

The story continues

Every updates that I wrote and published previously, it’s a never ending personal journey, in writing and visual storytelling. The story continues, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. A door closes, another door opens, this is life as we know it, my story continues, somewhere, somehow.

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