The journey in reaching and finally getting my own domain name and own hosting did not fall into place easily. Since starting my original photoblog using blogspot on 10th April 2006, it took me more than 2 years to make the switch on 7th October 2008, from using a public domain name and hosting to my very own unique domain name and own hosting.

Why did it took me so long ? Basically, I was giving myself excuses in the act of fear due to my lack of HTML programming knowledge. Let me share with you a few questions

Questions to ask yourself

  • Are you actively blogging now?
  • Do you have a strong passion and interest to keep it going ?
  • Is your blog in a niche topic ?
  • Do you have loyal and regular followers/readers ?
  • Would you like/want your blog to be more recognised and well known not just in the local blogging and twitterverse, and worldwide as well ?

If your answers are a YES and if you are not having your own domain name and own hosting, now it’s time to move!

You might have these fears now –

  • Procrastination
  • Fear
  • Little or no knowledge of HTML or WordPress
  • The cost of having domain name and hosting fees

If you are facing any of the above fears, I can relate totally because I went through it before making the decision to switch over to my own domain name and hosting. From then on, I never looked back and things just grow exponentially from then !

Why do you want to have your own domain name and hosting ?

  • Branding ~ It’s your own unique brand name, that represents and reflects YOU
  • Ownership & Control ~ You Own the Name and Space and not somebody else
  • Publicity / Marketing ~ Do you want to be always on borrowed grounds ? Or you want to stand strongly on your own, using your own unique brand name ?
  • Search Engine Optimisation ~ Using blogging platforms such as WordPress, powered by your own hosting and domain name, it will reach out to a much globally wider group of audience.
  • Growth and expansion ~ The availability of paid premium themes templates gives you to utilise their backend tools to grow the blog traffic and customer service relationship management with your followers and readers.
  • Money Making/Revenue Generation ~  Advertisers will be willing to consider placing advertisements (banner or text link advertisements) and you will be able to earn Money From Blog!
  • Social Media Networking and Expansion ~ Today, you might be actively blogging, tweeting, meeting and knowing new people from the blogging and twitterverse. With a unique brand name / domain, you can grow your social media networking circle and it will expand globally without you knowing.

Therefore, isn’t it time to have your own domain name, your very own unique blog/website ? Start now today!

One thought on “Why You Want to Have Your Own Domain Name & Own Hosting”
  1. Well Written GengHui! Bravo!

    If you are blogger and a serious blogger, you MUST start using your own domain and hosting. The reason is to have CONTROL.

    If you still do not understand why you need to have your own domain and hosting, talk to us, we can explain and help you. Stop using your free blogspot or etc, build your own, make it yours and and increase your blog traffic!

    To addon, having your own domain, meaning you can have your own email too, example or

    Small reminder, better grab your domain before it is gone, million of domains are registered every months, don’t regret. Search your domain at now!


    Jack Lan

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