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Samsung Paint the Town Pop-Up

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S22 Series 5G smartphones and Galaxy Tab S8 Series 5G tablets are now available in Singapore. If you like to find out more about Samsung’s latest Galaxy S22 Series 5G smartphones and Galaxy Tab S8 Series 5G tablets, getting a hands on creative session, come on down to Samsung Paint the Town Pop-Up at CHAMBER!

Samsung Paint the Town

Samsung Singapore is inviting you to Paint the Town with the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G at leading multi-brand streetwear retailer CHAMBER. The limited-time only pop up will feature a commissioned artwork, done with the S Pen, by local graphic designer and illustrator Moon Malek.

From 10th March 2022 to 24th March 2022, between 11am to 9pm, you will be able to Paint the Town and give colour to the digital mural with the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G in store. Samsung Paint the Town is open to the public!

Other happenings include:

  1. Spot the Mural Contest: From 11 to 24 March, guest who spot the icon in the mural based on cues on Instagram (@samsungsg) will stand to win a free 365 days Viu premium subscription. Limited to first 22 per day.
  2. Weekday Lunchtime Special: From 14 to 24 March exclusively at 12-2pm, be the first 22 to join us at the Paint the Town pop-up and receive coffee vouchers when you participate. 
  3. Graphologist: Enjoy a session and learn about your personality through your handwriting with our handwriting expert, Siti Sulianah. Find out what lies beyond your lines. Available only on 12, 13, 19 and 20 Mar from 2pm – 6pm.

About Moon

Muneera Malek, also known as Moon Malek, is a graphic designer and an illustrator. D’ana of COVL, CJ Hendry, Joshua Vides and Walt Disney, to name a few, play an essential role and are mainly responsible for moulding her love for illustrations and mixed media. Her background of working for both local and international brands such as Zouk Club Singapore to Fred Perry enable her to expand and widen her creativity.

Moon’s most recent work was a mural installation for Adidas Singapore’s Headquarters and one of their local store at Pan Pacific Plaza in 2020. In 2019, she participated in Art Box Singapore which she was invited to paint and curate a horse statue. She also had a mural installation at Just Co, Singapore and Taiwan. In 2017, she participated in -ING Creative Festival in Dubai, representing Singapore with fellow photographer Nidia Marissa. She was also featured at Singapore Fashion Awards 2016 with mural illustrations displayed as part of the catwalk. She had participated in various local exhibitions curated by local creatives such as Kult, Projector and worked on an illustration collaboration with a local designer for Met Gala 2016.

About the Mural

Where do we create new realities, challenge gravity or spur fantastical manipulations? In our minds, where rules are bent and at best, broken.

This mural captures the playground of the mind. It blurs the lines between imagination and reality with elements that interact and break all the rules. Just as the Galaxy S22 Series 5G does. With its lenses, S Pen and ability to shoot at any angle, the Galaxy S22 Series 5G welcomes you to Break the Rules of Innovation and experience the world as your mind sees it, blending together what’s possible and unbelievable.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Samsung Singapore and IN.FOM *

Book Title: “No Missing Tools”

In life, we meet many different kinds and types of people from all walks of life, from all over the world. There are really nice ones, really nasty ones. Some of these people come and cross into your life, they are here for a reason, for a purpose and they impact you in some ways or another through their actions, words and things that they do.

There was this bloke that I got myself acquainted on social media, his name is Fernando Gros. Over time, chatting with him on Twitter regularly, following his photography works and articles on his blog. He is an inspiration, a very talented artist, musician, photographer and writer. I managed to meet Fernando in person and had kopi when he was based/living in Singapore, yes, we talked a lot about photography, more on the art and craft of photography than the technological advancements of cameras.

Being a photographer (serious amateur/freelance), I looked upon fellow photographers for inspirations and advice from their photography works and sharing. Through Fernando’s networks and sharing, I got to know more photographers, their works and sharing. All of them were immensely talented and skilful, yet something stands out among them in common, it’s their practice on the creativity, the art and craft of photography as a beautiful form of artwork, the photographer as an artist. Through this process and journey, I learned and explored more in-depth about my photography that I might have lost touch with, the themes, the art  work and most importantly, why I want to photograph this. All this might have just helped me to unlock the creativity inside me.

We would love to meet up more and go out on photography walks, however, Fernando moved to Japan and we couldn’t do photography walks here in Singapore. I have to plan a meet up and photography walkabout in Tokyo when I am visiting! A few months ago, I read on his progress and updates via his articles on the book that he was writing. This got me excited and I was looking forward to the launch of his book and I waited patiently (while busy handling day job matters and lesser time for my photography).


Soon the book was launched, titled “No Missing Tools”. There were 50 limited edition hard cover books with the author’s autograph and I thought I missed getting 1 of them! Amazingly, I managed to secure a limited edition hard cover “No Missing Tools”!!

Collecting it from my local post office, unboxing and opening up the book, the feel of a hardcover book, opening up the book, flipping through the pages, the aroma of the paper print. It’s an amazing feeling, that artists and publishers can feel it and understand. This was what I went through when I collected my Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Books from my printer company. It’s priceless.

I had a quick read through the introduction and acknowledgements page. I was in awe when I spotted my name inside on the acknowledgements page!! This was a very humbling and very happy life experience for me, never in my life did I expect that I am (and can be) a creative person to my friend Fernando who is an immensely talented and creative artist, musician, writer and photographer. Never did I expect that I can be of such an impact to my friend Fernando Gros!! It’s a really a great honour and I can learn so much more from you and your wonderful book!!


If you like to follow the works and writings of a very talented friend, artist, musician, photographer and writer. Fernando Gros, here are the links to his works




Book title: “No Missing Tools”

Congratulations Fernando, on the launch of your book “No Missing Tools” !! I did a quick flip through and some topics immediately strike a chord inside me, my heart, my soul, my creativity.

Thank you for believing in me and my creativity!! When I am reading “No Missing Tools”, I will learn from your teachings, share my thoughts and experiences with my photographs with you and my readers!!

It’s time to Pay-It-Forward and Impact the life of others through “Creativity In An Age of Abundance” !