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LG Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Mother’s Day 2020 is just round the corner, a few days away from Sunday 10th May 2020. With huge and never-ending responsibilities at the workplace and home, the mother’s role and sacrifice is like none other. This Mother’s Day, give them a break and let them choose from a wide range of LG innovative gadgets and home appliances with LG Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020!

Let’s start with entertainment in the living room!

Curate the Perfect Living Space

LG GX Gallery: Ultra-thin OLED TV

This sleek design OLED TV that looks like an art piece mounted on the wall inside the living room, the minimalist aesthetic making the room looking modern and spacious for relaxation and enjoyment. Equipped with LG AI ThinQ with Google Assistant, mom can switch channels or control other smart devices with ease.

LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier

Mom can pretty much clean the whole house except for the air that we all breathe in. Now, let the LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier enter and clean the air in the house that you are staying in, filtering six major types of pollution such as dust, allergens, harmful smog and odours.


Let mom take a rest from vacuuming and mopping with the LG HOM-BOT, a 2-in-1 cleaning solution which vacuums and mops simultaneously.

Next, let’s go to the kitchen!

Smart Assistant in the Kitchen

LG Slim French Door Refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door

This LG refrigerator keeps your groceries fresh so that you family can the best quality food. Equipped with Linear Cooling™ powered by LG’s proprietary Inverter Linear Compressor, temperature fluctuation is kept within ±0.5 degrees Celsius4 to ensure food freshness. It also comes with HygieneFresh+™, an intelligent air filter that absorbs the unpleasant smell and removes harmful bacteria.

The InstaView Door-in-Door™ feature is a design feature that whole family would love, mom can quickly assess the food storage without having to open the door by knocking twice on the glass panel for the refrigerator interior to light up for viewing.


Doing a family’s worth of laundry and linen every week can be a chore, with the LG TWINWash, laundry is no longer a chore. Comprising of the main washer (FV1450H2K) and mini washer (TV2402NTWB), it is capable to handle double the load at one go, cutting laundry time in half and freeing up extra time for moms to focus on things that matter. TWINWash offers innovative features such as Steam+™ and TurboWash™360º. The Steam+™ function helps eliminate 99.9% of harmful allergens capable of triggering respiratory issues or allergies5.

LG Styler with Mirrored Finish

A versatile and stylish device, the Moving Hanger and LG TrueSteam™ technology, sways gently to reduce allergens, odours and wrinkles in the fabric, allowing Mom to look beautiful and smell fresh. Coupled with the mirrored design, Mom can check her outfit and looking gorgeous before heading out.

Finally, the bedroom!

Elevate the Bedroom into a Comfortable Retreat

LG Pra L

A suite of personal beauty care solutions targeted to offer mothers a luxury beauty care experience in the comfort of her home. The perfect home pampering treatment solutions to thank your mom this Mother’s Day!


The ultimate smart home assistant with Meridian technology for superb audio quality. Equipped with LG ThinQ technology and built-in Google Assistant, all other audio gadgets are streamlined under one roof, as well as, helping Mom with her things to do such as her grocery lists that can be created with a simple voice command.

LG gram

The portable, lightweight and slim LG gram 17, ideal for the mom on-the-go. Not just a work laptop, it can also be a fun entertainment laptop too. 

Wishing all mothers out there a Happy Mothers’ Day 2020 in advance! Happy shopping for Mother’s Day Gifts with LG Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020!

For more information, please visit https://www.lg.com/sg.   

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Asia PR Werkz *

LG Christmas Gift Guide 2019

It’s December 2019, the last month for this year. As we enter into the Christmas festive season, this is the time for festive Christmas celebrations with our family and loved ones, spend quality time strengthening bonds and connections with family and loved ones. While you are planning to spend quality time at home with your family and loved ones, let me share with you LG Christmas Gift Guide 2019, a curated selection of technology gadgets, home appliances and home entertainment, to accompany your family and loved ones during this Christmas festive period.

As you start to plan your Christmas shopping with LG, there is an ongoing LG Red Fair taking place from November 2019 to February 2020, just nice not only for Christmas shopping, you can also prepare ahead for New Year 2020 and Chinese New Year 2020 shopping too!

The Living Space to Gather Around

Our living room is probably going to be a place of family gathering and fun during this festive season. A perfect place to gather, rest, relax and bond together as a family, relatives and friends.

LG OLED TV E9: Outstanding Picture Quality That Will Wow Everyone

With its timeless glass design, the LG OLED TV E9 is easily the centerpiece of the living room. Get cozy with friends and family and enjoy a movie marathon in the comfort of your own home.

LG SL10YG Sound Bar: An Immersive Audio Experience

For a complete cinematic experience, pair the OLED TV E9 with LG’s high-end sound bar SL10YG, which supports both Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X. Thanks to these two technologies, you can enjoy breathtakingly realistic surround sound that seems to come from multiple directions and depths.

LG PuriCare™: 360-degree Flow of Clean Air

Keep your indoor air fresh and hygienic for your guests with the LG PuriCareTM Air Purifier (AS60GDWV0), which is capable of 360-degree absorption and discharge.

LG HOM-BOT: Housecleaning Now Automated

Tidying up and preparing the house for incoming guests, or cleaning up after? Let the LG HOM-BOT (model VR66900TWA) be your helpful companion. It features a slide-in mop for a 2-in-1 cleaning solution.

LG WK7: The Voice Command Station for Your Smart-home Ecosystem

To control all the smart solutions, you will need a central interface. Enter the LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7, both a speaker and a personal assistant.

The Kitchen Where the Magic Happens

During the Christmas festive season, you can’t run away from a good feast, enjoying them with your family and loved ones at the dining table. Therefore, the kitchen is another key part of your home, where all the food preparation and cooking takes place.

LG Slim French Door Refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door™: A Beautiful Display of Your Chilled Items

The LG Slim French Door refrigerator (GF-Q4919MT) is designed to be a space-saving solution. It is slimmer than conventional refrigerators, at just 835 millimeters wide, allowing it to fit comfortably in most kitchen settings. With the InstaView Door-in-Door feature, you can simply knock twice on the stylish glass panel for the interior to illuminate.

LG NeoChef™ Microwave Oven: Your Secret Recipe for Kitchen Success

Cooking a Christmas meal can be a stressful affair. With LG NeoChef™ Microwave Oven, you can achieve greater success in the kitchen. Thanks to LG’s unique Smart Inverter technology, the NeoChef™ is able to prepare a wider variety of dishes with better results, using its linear power control between 300 to 1,100 watts to evenly cook food all the way through.

LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher: Gentle Washing on Tableware and Glassware 

After-dinner cleanup is no longer a laborious task thanks to the LG QuadWash™ dishwasher, which utilizes four spray arms instead of the usual two in most dishwashers.

LG TWINWash®: Wash Two Different Loads of Laundry Simultaneously

After a fun gathering, let the LG TWINWash washing machine take care of everything that needs cleaning and caring for. Washing two loads of laundry at once is possible with the TWINWash.

The Wardrobe Space to Pamper Yourself

In your own room, your own personal space that you would like to spruce up nice, cosy and beautiful.

LG Styler with Mirrored Finish: Effortless Outfit Prepping

With the LG Styler, you can easily ensure your multiple outfits are ready for those #outfitoftheday Instagram-worthy shots! Equipped with TrueSteam™ technology, the LG Styler utilizes steam, coupled with a Moving Hanger which slides side to side, to reduce wrinkles and remove odors on fabrics.

LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask: Put Your Best Face Forward this Christmas with Tech Beauty At Home

Achieve glowing skin that will surely be the envy of your friends with the LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask.

The Study for a Well-deserved Respite

The room used for your study or work, doesn’t have to be boring, you can also spruce it up like your living room and bedroom into a modern digital study/studio, with the following technology gadgets recommendations below.

LG ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner: Comfort at the Touch of a Button

After a fun night out, come home to your sanctuary, with the temperature already set to your preference. This is possible with the Wi-Fi-enabled ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner!

LG gram 17: Get More Done with The gram

Boasting a large 17-inch screen, the LG gram 17 is the perfect laptop for the multitasker. With its large screen real estate of 2560 x 1600 resolution, you can launch two different software programs side by side — edit photo or video montages of your holiday celebrations while keeping in touch with your overseas friends via chat messengers.

27GL850 UltraGear Monitor: The Monitor That Is a Gamer’s and Movie Lover’s Dream Come True

No gaming setup is complete without the 27GL850 UltraGearTM monitor. It features fast 144Hz refresh rate, high screen resolutions (2560 x 1440) for incredibly vibrant, flicker-free images.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas shopping with LG! For more information on LG Red Fair deals, please visit: www.lg.com/sg/promotions

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Brand Cellar *