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Time to seek my new journey

A new month in the year 2016 has just begun, the month of February and it will be Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations starting on 8th February. Time flies, just like the blink of an eye, the month of January 2016 is over.

Something happened in the month of January and due to unforseen circumstances, I am no longer going to work in my current organisation and I will be leaving at the end of February 2016. The timing is probably the worst that happened to me, in the midst of the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations, the world and local Singapore economy is very uncertain with a lot of dark clouds looming across the sky, for 2016 and maybe 2017. While I will not be sharing openly about what really happened, some of my relatives and friends knew from the story that I shared with you on a personal and private basis.

In a nutshell, it was reaching the rock bottom and now the only way is to get myself up and climbing back up again. The journey ahead is full of uncertainity regardless of where you are, your status and well-being. There were some friends who encouraged and supported me during the past few weeks, it’s something that I really appreciated from the bottom of my heart. There were also those who weren’t that encouraging, all I asked for, was a listening ear.

I will be the first to raise my hand and said I am totally 100% imperfect, I failed in certain areas and I made mistakes. This turbulent period took me a while to settle down my anger, hurt and disappointment. Slowly and steadily, I let it go and constantly remind myself to pick myself up and start preparing for my journey. As I am thinking, strategising and planning what I want to do next, there are a few plans in mind, from starting my own business, partnership and finding another job in a new industry.

If you feel and think that, you have the right and moral authority to judge me again and again, and criticise me that I am procrastinating, by all means, go ahead. I can’t stop you.

This has and will be another learning curve for me, to add on another university of life experience to my life resume. This is also where I need to pick myself up, learn from my mistakes, the experiences and improve from here on.

It’s time to seek my new journey, a new adventure, a new opportunity, a new hope. Is this the time to combine my photography, travel, social media, writing and technology together?

A New Start, A New Journey, A New Beginning

This post is 1 month in the making and preparation, from the moment I decided to leave my former industry and embark on my new adventure, a new start, a new beginning and a journey ahead. To some people out there, they would probably see me as a failure and judge me as a failure. For judging people/things seems like a normal standard today and they have a right to judge. It’s true to a certain extent that I have failed to live up to standards in terms of monetary value returns that the society sees as the norm. From this failure, I learned the virtues of savings, living prudently and appreciating riskier opportunities when it became available to me. I failed a lot and I learned an enormous amount from the University of Hard Knocks. While I don’t earn the expected monetary value returns, the lifelong lessons over the years were priceless and made me more grounded, appreciative and smarter. It’s not the end of the lifelong lessons from the University of Hard Knocks, all these lessons are ongoing and continuous.

I learned from my failures and disappointments, climbed up again and again every time I fell flat face down on the ground. It slowly made me stronger slowly over time, painful at times, adding points to the exponential learning curve. In some other parts of life, there had also been ups and downs too, the achievements and disappointments, all contributed to real life marketing and social media management skills, that prepared me for my new journey ahead starting today. For my photography adventure, learning advanced skills in strobist lighting photography, account management and personal projects. There were times there were question marks too in my photography because I questioned that myself, only through more exploring, sharing and mentoring, does my photography came back to me in “Why I photograph”, sometimes I have it, sometimes I have to search for it again.

A month’s rest wasn’t and didn’t became a month’s rest, I was preparing for a new start, a new journey, a new beginning. Instead, I took on new personal projects to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, helping fellow entrepreneur/biz owner friends, along the line of honing my new photography learning in lighting photography. I am grateful for the support from fellow supportive friends who helped me and never looked down on me.

What does my new start, a new journey, a new beginning consists of ? It’s now a backend role, in terms of business development, social media management, marketing and improvisations. This would allow me to expand on my alternative investments and photography too. The 1st of August 2014 marks the new start, a new corporate profile photograph and a new cover photograph for both my Facebook personal and page.

Yes, I quit, I do not need to deny about that fact. Yes, I am making a New Start, New Journey, A New Beginning. Life is like a never ending marathon, one after another, the anxiety, the fatigue, the pain, mind over body, finishing the run and the whole life marathon starts again. As this phrase always remains part of my life forever “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, I sincerely thank you to the group of people who never looked down on me and stand by me and walked with me in my life journey till now, they are still walking the journey with me.