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Time to seek my new journey

A new month in the year 2016 has just begun, the month of February and it will be Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations starting on 8th February. Time flies, just like the blink of an eye, the month of January 2016 is over.

Something happened in the month of January and due to unforseen circumstances, I am no longer going to work in my current organisation and I will be leaving at the end of February 2016. The timing is probably the worst that happened to me, in the midst of the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations, the world and local Singapore economy is very uncertain with a lot of dark clouds looming across the sky, for 2016 and maybe 2017. While I will not be sharing openly about what really happened, some of my relatives and friends knew from the story that I shared with you on a personal and private basis.

In a nutshell, it was reaching the rock bottom and now the only way is to get myself up and climbing back up again. The journey ahead is full of uncertainity regardless of where you are, your status and well-being. There were some friends who encouraged and supported me during the past few weeks, it’s something that I really appreciated from the bottom of my heart. There were also those who weren’t that encouraging, all I asked for, was a listening ear.

I will be the first to raise my hand and said I am totally 100% imperfect, I failed in certain areas and I made mistakes. This turbulent period took me a while to settle down my anger, hurt and disappointment. Slowly and steadily, I let it go and constantly remind myself to pick myself up and start preparing for my journey. As I am thinking, strategising and planning what I want to do next, there are a few plans in mind, from starting my own business, partnership and finding another job in a new industry.

If you feel and think that, you have the right and moral authority to judge me again and again, and criticise me that I am procrastinating, by all means, go ahead. I can’t stop you.

This has and will be another learning curve for me, to add on another university of life experience to my life resume. This is also where I need to pick myself up, learn from my mistakes, the experiences and improve from here on.

It’s time to seek my new journey, a new adventure, a new opportunity, a new hope. Is this the time to combine my photography, travel, social media, writing and technology together?

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