Back from a holiday break and some updates!

Back from Chiang Mai

In the year 2017, I didn’t really have a holiday break due to the circumstances and things that took place during the entire year. The year 2017 had been very tiring and exhausting, both mental, emotional and physical aspects of them. When the opportunity to travel at the start of year 2018, I decided to go for it, I badly needed a holiday break away from Singapore for a while.

I went Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 29th January 2018 to 3rd February 2018, with Tiffany, Peps and Valentino, part of the team #epiphanygochiangmai, a partial FAM trip with accommodation sponsorship and a travel agency in Chiang Mai hosting us with their day trip programs. My role was the travel photographer as well as the travel reportage/behind the scenes photographer. Returning back home with about 2.4k++ photographs shot with the Canon EOS 6D Mark II, this figure is a good headache to have although I do have to curate and select the photos for editing and publishing! Visit my Instagram – and you can have a peek into some of the photos that I took during my Chiang Mai travel photography adventure!

Adding on to my travel photography, it would be my Chiang Mai travel writing articles. Tentatively at this point in time, I have 5 articles/topics planned to be published along with my photographs in 1 month’s time (hopefully it can be earlier!).

Travel photography, travel reportage and travel writing, an area that I really love to do! Developing my own travel photography and travel writing style! Working harder in this area and hope to have more of such opportunities in the near future!


Before I left for my Chiang Mai travel photography adventure, I had some backlogs, ongoing IT issues with my photography and travel website/blog, personal errands.

Upon returning back home to Singapore, I have to continue clearing up my errands and to do list! In this coming week, this is going to be busy for me leading up to Chinese Lunar New Year 2018.

I have the following list (non exhaustive and in random order) below:

  • 2 x portraiture photo shoots
  • Covering Chingay 2018 media preview
  • Continuing to troubleshoot my ongoing IT issues with (a.k.a repair) my photography and travel website/blog
  • Arranging appointments to meet ex-colleagues, pr agencies folks
  • Continue with spring cleaning
  • Personal errands and administrative matters
  • Start writing my review articles for Canon EOS M6, Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Jaybird Freedom 2 and Jaybird RUN.

Looking ahead

I posted updates on my social media platforms that my start to the year 2018 is kind of mix, slow and steady with some minor hiccups. This is the time to build on this upcoming wave and I hope thing would grow and improve the coming months ahead. Step by step, brick by brick, definitely not the fastest and biggest pace of growth, slow and steady growth, taking into consideration the volatile and difficult economic environment and market conditions.

Although I have set some goals to achieve by end of the 1st quarter 2018, one of them was publishing my own zine, I hope that I am able to meet my goal and target, considering the above matters that I need to handle.

January 2018 is over and now it is February 2018, a relatively short month, very soon, it will be March 2018 and the end of 1st quarter 2018. Time to continue working hard and striving for my goals and objectives in the year 2018.

Inspiring Video: Giving, Sharing and Kindness

The art of Giving, Sharing and Kindness are special gifts that we all possess in our heart and soul. As time changes, becoming more complex and a hectic pace of life, with greed, selfishness and everybody for oneself coming into play, we might have lost the art of Giving, Sharing and Kindness. There was a 3 minute TV commercial produced in Thailand that was recently been receiving rave reviews and sharing on the internet and social media platforms. Watching the TV commercial was very humbling and heart warming, I watched a few videos produced in Thailand and they were just that special to drive the messages across to their audience (Even though there was a commercial element behind it).

This particular video was known as Giving, while this video was tied to a telecommunications company and you can check this post by Gawker here for more information. Let’s put the commercial element aside for this video, the meanings and messages were about Giving, Sharing and Kindness.

Learning through the journey of personal development and personal learning, the art and gift of Giving and Not Expecting Anything in Return, is something that the human race face greater difficulty with in our modern society of wants and expectations. When I Give, it’s a blessing to others, at times, it got to a point of overused to the next stage of being abused of my giving and kindness. There were times I struggled with Giving and Giving, with people kept coming back for more. That’s why there were instances whereby I stopped Giving to some of them.

There were times when Giving, Helping, Sharing and Kindness returning the favour to my career, businesses, interests, hobbies, business and social networking, photography. They helped me to grow as a person, stronger and polished into a smoother stone than a rough uncut stone, something that I am very humbled and grateful for. I will try my best to continue the art of Giving and Not Expecting Anything in Return, although the challenges to fulfil it can be at times difficult because it showed the side of the human being that had feelings, emotions, thoughts and wants in a society chasing for achievements, recognitions, fame, greed, wealth.

Here are two the great scholars with their words of wisdom

Brian Tracy

The more credit you give away, the more will come back to you. The more you help others, the more they will want to help you.” Source: Brainyquote

Jim Rohn

Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.” Source: Brainyquote

Giving is better than Receiving because Giving starts the Receiving Process” – Source: Brainyquote

It was times like this that such a heartwarming and touching video that drives a message across to us in our daily living about Giving, Sharing and Kindness (let’s put the commercial element aside and ask ourselves truthfully) have we been avoiding Giving, Sharing and being Kind? Is it time to Make A Difference, Make An Impact and Pay-It-Forward by Giving, Sharing and be Kind?