LG launch world’s first Gaming Monitors with 240Hz OLED Panels

LG Electronics Singapore announced the launch of its latest premium UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitors (models 27GR95QE and 45GR95QE) that were first unveiled by LG at CES 2023, they are the world’s first gaming monitors with 240Hz OLED panels and are exclusively manufactured in-house. These panels deliver unrivalled picture quality with lifelike visuals, vibrant colours, and infinite contrast. These sleek and stylish displays also boast a record-breaking response time of 0.03 milliseconds Grey-to-Grey (GTG), promising smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. Whether they are avid, serious or professional gamers and fans of LG UltraGear™ series, a gaming dream coming true for them.

LG UltraGear™ OLED Curved Gaming Monitor (model 45GR95QE)
LG UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitor (model 27GR95QE)

LG continues to dominate the global gaming display market, the launch of the new LG UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitors again reaffirms their role as leaders in the rapidly expanding OLED category.

Experience Speed Like No Other

Competitive gamers value efficiency and polished gameplay, the LG UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitor (model 27GR95QE) offers delightful, low-latency gaming and a swift GTG response time — equipped with its QHD (2,560 x 1,440) resolution OLED display that provides a 240Hz refresh rate (2), 0.03 millisecond response time and encapsulates 98.5 percent of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, the 27-inch monitor ensures that gamers experience unprecedented speed without sacrificing on image quality. Gamers can then enjoy vibrant graphics that fully capture the essence of different games.

LG UltraGear™ OLED Curved Gaming Monitor (model 45GR95QE)

LG’s Anti-glare & Low Reflection (AGLR) panel give gamers a peace of mind and ease for their eyes and minds, allowing them to indulge in a distraction-free gaming experience, regardless of ambient light conditions. Gamers can immerse themselves in extended periods of fluid gaming with lesser eye strain.

Integrated with support for variable refresh rate (VRR) and compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium, LG’s 27-inch UltraGear™ Gaming Monitor ensures seamless visuals with minimal tearing or stuttering. It also supports HDMI 2.1 specifications and DisplayPort 1.4 connectivity while incorporating a 4-pole headphone jack that allows users to revel in the realistic, spatial sound of DTS Headphone:X. This feature can also be easily controlled by the remote, which provides quick and easy display management with the added convenience of programmable hotkeys.

Big Screen and Bold Colour – A True Gaming Powerhouse

LG UltraGear™ OLED Curved Gaming Monitor (model 45GR95QE) | LG UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitor (model 27GR95QE)

The LG’s first-ever curved UltraGear™ OLED gaming monitor (model 45GR95QE) is one of the honourees for the CES 2023 Innovation Award. It gives a stunning and realistic picture quality with a generous 45-inch display screen. Combined with an 800R curvature, it features a 21:9 aspect ratio and WQHD (3,440 x 1,440) resolution screen. This cutting-edge form factor was designed to envelop players right into the on-screen action.

The LG 45-inch UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitor is similar to its 27-inch counterpart, the LG UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitor (model 27GR95QE), it also showcases an equally impressive and rapid response time. With a remarkable 1,500,00:1 contrast ratio and 98.5 percent coverage of DCI-P3, the curved OLED panel also offers users an elevated HDR10 picture quality that delivers deep blacks, vibrant colours and crisp clarity, bringing in-game images to life.

LG UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitor (model 27GR95QE)

Pricing and Availability

The recommended prices for the UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitors are as follows:

  • LG UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitor (model 27GR95QE) – S$1,399
  • LG UltraGear™ OLED Curved Gaming Monitor (model 45GR95QE) – S$2,599

The gaming monitors will also be available for purchase from 1 March 2023, at LG official Shopee, Lazada, KrisShop and authorised retailers – Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Gain City and Harvey Norman.

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics and APRW *

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