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Predict if stars are aligned before you match with AI-powered dating app

There is another dating app coming into the market, finding your soul mate/life partner on dating apps can sometimes feel like striking a lottery, this new dating app is going to be different, this is not your usual dating app. This new dating app can help you to predict if stars are aligned before you match with AI-powered dating app YouApp. This app aims to tip the odds in your favour by using AI-powered compatibility predictions to see if “the stars are aligned” for you before you swipe right.

YouApp – Blending ancient wisdom with modern personality insights powered by modern AI technology

YouApp blends ancient wisdom with modern personality insights powered by modern AI technology. Now, you don’t have to spend hours consulting masters and going through endless personality assessments to check if you are compatible with a potential match. YouApp, the AI-powered dating app does all the work for you, calculating with the information from Chinese, Indian and Western star charts and personality insights from Myers-Briggs – in seconds!

YouApp feeds compatibility predictions by masters in their respective fields into an AI that has been learning for over a year using data and matching results from the app’s 20,000+ active user base in Asia.

Key features of the app include:

  • Daily star chart readings predict a user’s luck in terms of career, love, wealth, health, mood, and social aspects. It also provides detailed readings for horoscopes, Bazi, and Numerology and lucky item tips like numbers, food, beverages, clothing, and more.
  • Users get ten matches daily for free with premium membership (USD$19.90/month) offering unlimited likes, visibility of who liked them, and chats with anyone, along with premium content and advanced match preferences.
  • Strict NRIC registration for identity checks deters scammers, with an update to enable Singpass verification coming by the end 2024.
  • Besides romantic connections, users can also choose to match for professional networking, friendships, activity partners, and travel companions.
  • In-app chat offers real-time translation with seven languages supported at launch.
  • Scan QR codes in person to connect or share them through messages.

Douglas Gan, Founder & CEO of YouApp, said: “YouApp is founded on the vision of making deep, meaningful connections accessible through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern technology. By incorporating insights from astrology, zodiac, numerology, and personality analysis, we offer our users a unique platform to find compatibility in various aspects of life. With only 0.15% chance to get a >90% match, we make the user’s world smaller by meeting compatible people from anywhere in the world. We’re dedicated to expanding our reach, particularly in the Asia region, starting with Singapore. As we incorporate more philosophies to enhance compatibility matches, we remain committed to helping users understand themselves better and implement stringent safety measures to prevent love scams. Looking ahead, YouApp aims to redefine the landscape of social connections, making every match a step towards discovering genuine compatibility.”

Discover self, discover friends – More than just a dating app

YouApp is more than just a dating app, they want to help you better understand yourselves, guiding personal development. This AI-powered app uses up to 16 characters assessment tools (1), infused with ancient wisdom from Chinese, Indian, & Western beliefs to evaluate traits, such as personality and aptitude, which is then used to predict matches with other users.

YouApp gives you daily start readings that predict your luck in career, love, wealth, health, mood and social aspects. They also provide comprehensive information on your horoscopes, Bazi, and numerology to help you know more about yourself and ignite your journey of self-discovery. YouApp provides auspicious data like lucky numbers, food, beverages, clothing etc. Users can also look for partners and “like” up to 10 matches daily.

You can contact and communicate with your match if at least one party has a premium account. For matches that are below a compatibility score of 75, both parties can chat without a premium account.

Open doors with a premium account

At USD19.90/month (SGD 26.80/month), the YOU+ premium subscription adds many features. Users gain the ability to see whom they liked and who liked them, an unlimited number of ‘likes’ to give, the ability to initiate a chat with any user, along with other premium in-depth personality and character analysis, and advanced preferences to fine-tune searches and matches.

In addition to romantic partnerships, YouApp lets users find matches for different aspects of life, including friends, business partners, travel buddies, and activity partners.

Stringent verification, break down barriers, keep out scammers

Worried about love scams operating on the platform? YouApp has stringent verification to prevent that. They verify a user with an identification card and authenticate with a selfie photo. By the end of 2024, YouApp will implement Singpass verification, making it one of the first dating apps to do so.

The app also makes it easy for people to connect: Users can instantly share their personalised QR to match with others, skipping the match queue and knocking on more doors to happily ever after. Once the users are ready to mingle, the app helps break down barriers by offering suggested topics based on shared interests and providing live in-app translation for up to seven languages (2).

YouApp – More than just a dating app 

YouApp is more than just a dating app, it can be your social circle or business networking app as well, on top of knowing yourself better and personal development features. By getting to know yourself better, expanding your social circles before entering into the dating circle might be the ideal route to embark on in our modern world of dating and social media, powered by AI technology to help you.


  • (1) At launch, the complete set of tools are: Astrology, Tarot, Big 3 Signs, Horoscope, Sayana, Feng Shui, Numerology, I-Ching, BaZi, Zodiac, Purple Star, Vedic, IKIGAI, MBTI, DISC and GAT.
  • (2) English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Bahasa Indonesia will be available for live translation.

* Information and pictures courtesy of YouApp and Gloo *

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