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Reflecting Q1 2024 (Technology | Business | Personal) - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Time flies when you least expected it! Today is 1st April 2024, marking the start of Q2 2024, Q1 2024 is over in the blink of an eye, how is Q1 2024 for you?  I would take this time to do a regular feature on my TGH Technology and Business website, looking back and reflecting Reflecting Q1 2024 (Technology | Business | Personal).


First up would be my photography sector, my regular and usual approach from both enterprise/B2B and consumer perspectives.

Consumer technology

Along with the usual regular consumer technology media news coverage that I have been covering for the past decade, I would be looking at getting back to doing consumer technology gadgets review for Year 2024, one area that I had slowed down in previous years.

Other key areas of interest would be on the impacts and potentials of AI on consumer technology, from the gadgets to the apps and the human side of using AI technology on the ground level.

Enterprise / B2B technology

I foresee more coverage and writing on the enterprise / B2B technology sector in Year 2024 with Q1 2024 getting off to a good start in this area attending enterprise / B2B technology conference/media events in-person/online.

This enterprise / B2B technology sector for me is still a work-in-progress, building up and growing at a slow and steady pace. In my short learning and growing years writing enterprise / B2B technology topics (as compared to my consumer technology side of things).

2024 is Year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Year 2024 is the Year of Artificial Intelligence (AI), that is the theme/motto for many technology brands for Year 2024. From an enterprise/business B2B to consumer B2C technology industry, we have already seen how much and how far they are investing into AI.

As I mentioned earlier on my TGH Technology and Business website, I am kickstarting my TGH Technology Research/Learning Series on AI for 2024, continuing where I left off in 2023. I feel that is a lot more work, learning, education and outreach needed to be done by technology brands and technology writers.

Business / Digital Marketing

The economy is facing poor sentiments and uncertainties ahead, making it challenging and difficult for business and digital marketing. From my interactions and networkings with friends from various industries, marketing budgets have been cut without them saying much at all. You just need to look at what some of the companies are doing on their social media platforms, where they are concentrating on, there seem to be lesser product launch or delayed product launch, indirectly pointing towards a reduction in marketing budget.

Meanwhile, other business ideas/collaborations are always on my cards amidst the networkings and plannings. Should something materialises and bear fruits from those discussions/ideas/collaborations, I would share when the time is ripe.

Personal / Social Media

The social media can get really narcissistic and showing off at times. I wasn’t into them, that might have caused me lost opportunities, even though I do use social media quite a lot, to be fair. Probably age has caught up, I just don’t wish to get involved in narcissism and showing off, I just want to continue my craft (photography and visual storytelling), my writing and passion.

Yes, I am still using and leveraging on social media platforms, I would be more selective on what and where I share my things/articles/thoughts on social media.

Moving Forward in Q2 and beyond in 2024

The uncertainties, poor economic sentiments and a slowdown in the world economy can and have already been felt on the ground level. The challenges and constraints would still be ever present, moving forward in Q2 and beyond in 2024, I would continue to work smart, be strategic and work extra hard.

Q2 2024 has just begun, time to take on the challenges ahead, moving forward in Q2 and beyond on 2024.

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