Having and maintaining 2 blogs of diverse content and quality, I have to confess that …… It’s not easy to juggle between my 2 blogs and ensuring high quality content, knowledge and experience are produced and delivered to all my readers.

My photojournalist blog is getting quite ahead and I am happy with its progress, well, for my personal blog here, that is a bit of neglect. Therefore, I decided to make some changes to my Pages and Contents, I would be writing up on the following areas

– Financial Knowledge ~ To Help People Manage their Finances better

– Sports ~ On having a healthy and fit lifestyle and on sports sharing/coaching in Running (Marathon) and a few more sports (volleyball and cycling) that I would share about in the future

Thanks for all your support all these while !

2 thoughts on “Under Going Pages & Content Revamp”
  1. Financial Knowledge is great! We all need Financial suggestions, specially in this crisis day!

    Keep up your good job, JH, I am one of your loyal readers.

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