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Have U Done Your Directions & Goals Setting for 2009 ? - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

The Year 2009 had kick started for 3 days. Most of us would be starting back officially work this coming Monday, making it a long weekend starting from Thursday.

As for me, I started my 2009 on the 2nd of January, not so much of an engine running at Gear 6, however, more of continuing the engine that I carried on from the last 2 weeks of December, the festive season holidays celebrations, gatherings and drinking and of course, following up on my outstanding matters.

Yesterday night, I spent time alone, at West Coast Park MacDonalds McCafe, long time haven’t been there with my laptop. I was there, planning my directions and goal settings for 2009. Some had been pretty much finalised, some still in deep strategic and planning thoughts, over the next few days, I would be writing up in probably bits and pieces, or stages/posts, reminding myself of my various directions, goals and settings that I am setting for myself to change, improve and learn to have a strong principled based leadership on myself and for my juniors/friends/peers that looked upon me as a leader.

Folks, how about you ? Have you done your directions and goals settings for 2009 ?

2 thoughts on “Have U Done Your Directions & Goals Setting for 2009 ?”
  1. Thank you for the good question. Unfortunately I didn’t set any goals for 2009. While being recognized as a disabled for life, I have just one wish – it is to live the present moment in full. Your visit to my blog would be my greatest achievement for now. I hope you will have a good time with my pictures and thus our meeting will blossom out with your feedback – will become the fellowship of sharing the best we have.

  2. Hi Tomas

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind comments ! It’s never too late to start planning !

    I would visit your blog often and hope we we can build up a good exchange from there !

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