Are you a person who attended many courses on personal development and changes courses ? Or investing, financial literacy courses ? However, you still haven’t achieved your financial freedom yet ?

There are 5 reasons to us not achieving our route to financial freedom and financial success. Our first obstacle/reason is – FEAR

Ask yourself, do you like to lose money ? NO ! Nobody likes to lose money, in some stage in your life, you would go through a stage whereby one would lose money and it is applicable to all kinds of people from all walks of life. Nobody likes losing, the fear is actually and always there, however, the key point to note is – How do you handle losing ? The primary difference between a rich and poor person is how they handle  that fear.

If we hate risk and worry, we need to start early. Therefore, a basic principe such as regular savings as a habit is very good especially indoctrinating into the younger generation. It’s easy to grow rich if you start young. The power of compounding interest by Albert Einstein is one of the greatest wonders of the world.

However, how many of you have actually started to plan for your future ? How many of you parents have started disciplined saving habits teachings for your children ?

The reason why people are not financially rich is due to that fact that the pain of losing money is bigger than the joy of being rich. By understanding how to handle risks, losing and failure, you need to learn overcoming failures and turning them into rallying and inspiring calls for you to be more determined to succeed. 

Failure inspires Winners and Failure Defeats Losers, Winners BIGGEST Secret. It takes guts, patience and a great attitude towards failures to overcoming them and becoming successful.

If you have the desire to achieve financial freedom, followed by richness, you have to be focused and not balanced, by being unbalanced, you would make progress. Put a lot of your eggs into a few baskets and do not put your eggs into many different baskets.

Do you want to be a Winner or Loser ? Come join me in the quest to be a Winner in whatever I embarked on especially in my journey to financial freedom and success. 

(Adapted from Chapter Eight – Overcoming Obstacles, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki)

8 thoughts on “Obstacle 1 to Financial Freedom”
  1. I din attend such event.. as I cant sleep after that.. hahahaha.. my mind keeps thinking on those stuffs.. hahaha…

    yeah I afraid of losing actually…

  2. Hi Neo,

    Thanks for dropping by, staying focus is crucial, and let go of the fear of losing and you would be heading towards a greater lifestyle !

  3. Hi keeyit,

    It’s natural to be afraid of losing, we are human beings, once you understand the fear, you would slowly overcome it and conquer them, leading to a greater lifetyle down the road.

  4. i am hopping that with very hard work on Affiliate marketing, maybe i would be able to achieve Financial Freedom in 2 years time..,.

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