Folks, do you recall, the past and present, people would come to you and said something like “You will fail”, “You cannot make it” ? Besides, do you even have thoughts like this, “I don’t think I am good enough”, “What if I lose all my money?”.

All of us have doubts, in one way or another, some big, some small, nevertheless, it would be there hanging inside our heart and soul, depriving us on our journey to financial freedom. Therefore, overcoming cynicism is the 2nd key to understanding your obstacles to Financial Freedom. 

By surrendering to cynicism from oneself and others, we will fail to act on the necessary steps to move and grow foward, thus losing the opportunities appearing in front of us, opportunities that will open up the routes to Financial Freedom, not just one but many routes. With doubts and cynicism, you will only play safe and continue to be poor. 

Being cynical, you will criticise and keep you blinded from the opportunities around us, while for winners, they analyse, keep their eyes open and view all the different opportunities available that the cynics missed because they choose to “blind” themselves. 

Looking back, have you missed out on many different opportunities in your life or career ? Do you regret it ? Do you want to continue being a cynic and blame anything that makes you feel good and safe ? 

Or do you want to be a winner, open your eyes to the various opportunities around you and start grabbing them ? 

(Adapted from Chapter Eight – Overcoming Obstacles, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki)

On a personal note, entering the career as an independent financial consultant, becoming an entrepreneur, I had my fair share of cynics, who looked at me and told me I WILL FAIL and they were friends of old, over the past 2 – 3 years, it had been a humbling experience for me. My personal growth, change, Emotion Quotient, communication, knowledge and learning had gone by leaps and bounds and yet I am still learning something new everyday now. I can’t said how much I had grown or change, will there ever be a tool to determine how much you had improved, changed or learned ?

Nevertheless, I will continue to learn, grow and improve, making breakthroughs and lifting myself and my results to a new and higher level. I will like to take this opportunity to specially thank the people who believed in me, guided and mentored me in my growth and learning as an entrepreneur + consultant. 

If we do not see beyond our shores, we will never see how HUGE the world is out there, the opportunities available and realised how small we are, if we choose to remain where we are, right now.

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