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Growth requires change and it takes courage but it brings opportunity. We have to be able to see the change and the success it brings, we have to use our imagination, to dream a little. From that, we can develop the courage to believe we can perform beyond our proven ability. It takes courage to believe we can be better than we are today. We all live and work under self-imposed horizons and we are achieving at our perceived level of ability. If we have the courage to believe we can do better and if we can visualise the improvement, then we can start to raise the level of our results. Our futures are in our own hands.

Goals are our direction. Without a goal, we are merely drifting along. Our goals are the route to success. A ship does not arrive at its destination by accident. A course is carefully charted and meticulously followed, allowing for every change in current, tide and wind. This should also be applied to our careers, We should define our destination with absolute clarity and commitment and we must have our route planned out, broken down to its component parts. It is not that so many people fail to reach their goal, it is that sadly, they have no goals to reach.

Breaking down the goal to its smallest component parts give us a sense of urgency to do each day what needed to be done. Success, or failure, is something we practice on a daily basis. Having a daily goal we have to focus all our energies on what is needed to be done that day. It gives us a snes of purpose, a sense of focus on the tasks needed to achieve the goals. The subconscious mind seems to prioritise our tasks but it only works if we start afresh each day with our minds absolutely focused on what must be achieved within the day. Daily goals create a sense of urgency – to do what needs to be done today. All our hopes, our aspirations, all our ambitions are but wishful thinking until we break them down into daily tasks. By focusing on daily taks, daily goals, production can be doubled. It is amazing what a new sense of urgency does for our closing average.

Setting daily goals is hard – it means facing failure every day. It is much easier to just have a goal for the year, in this way, we only have to face failure once, at the end of the year. If we have the courage to set daily goals then we will succeed more often than we fail. It does not really matter what the daily goal is, as long as it is something which causes us to focus with a sense of urgency. When we commit ourselves to a goal, it becomes much harder to fall short if we have shared the commitment with people close to us.

Ordinary people achieved extraordinary goals and they have one underlying, all pervading factor – the belief they all shared in the ability to achieve their goals and in the service provided to their clients. The following words of wisdom must always be inside us, “We can achieve anything we want to achieve if only we have the courage to believe we can achieve it.”

Everyone of us has potential we have never recognised. Potential we have never realised is within us. The single most important fundamental for personal growth is the belief in our own ability. It is not easy to break out of the mould which society, or we, have created for ourselves. There has to be mediocrity in this world, we should not decry it because it lets the stars shine through. If we were all great, then great would be mediocre and there would be no excellence. We can break out of the category society has placed us in and we can excel however ordinary our background or our education, we ca achieve the extraordinary. However ordinary we may be – we can achieve extraordinary goals. But first, we must first believe ourselves capable of greater achievement.

We first have to believe it is possible – we have to see ourselves reaching our goals – then and only then will it happen. Mediocrity is more comfortable, part of a big crowd, annoymous. Mediocrity carries none of the responsibility of leadership which comes with success. Mediocrity carries none of the satisfaction of achievement. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big dreams, we need to be able to picture in our minds not just the achievement of our goals but everything that goes with it. The more vivid the mental picture we create, and the more often we visit our dream, the easier it will be for our subconscious minds to help us find the way to achieve our goals. Once we develop the courage to believe in ourselves then success ceases to be a matter of chane. Succss becomes a matter of choice.

(Adapted from “It Can Only Get Better – Tony Gordon’s Route to Sale Success”, Chapter 2: The Goals to Succeed by Tony Gordon)

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