In this profession, we must always be active and be well prepared overall. A considerable amount of time is spent on each case before we go to the meeting but the preparation work is not done by us. We need to find people who can give the support that is needed. The sales activity that rarest of all abilities, to be done by us and let everything else be done by people with the skills to support us.

In order to find out if we are working productively, the following mental exercise can be used:

(1) Imagine that you are going to form a new business, to sell insurance.

(2) Hire a life insurance salesman for the above job.

(3) Draw up a job description for this imaginary employee with the following expectations:

– How many appointments a week do you expect him to make?

– What hours do you want him to work?

– How many calls will you want him to make?

– How much time do you expect to be wasted on administration when he should be making calls and seeing prospects?

– What will his reward be if he attains the goals?

– How will you discipline him if he fails to achieve the numbers set for him?

– How badly will he have to perform, in activity terms, to get fired?

(4) Now the exercise is done, put yourself in the job and ask the following questions:

– As the boss, are you pleased with you as your employee? 

– Do you meet up to the standards you have just set?

– Would you demand more of you as the employee?

– Is your employee wasting his time and your money?

– Would you fire him?

In doing this mental exercise, if you were pleased with your employee, then your activity is right. If you were not happy with your employee’s performance then you know what to do about it.

We all get bored from time to time but the boredom is usually because of our lack of activity not the activity itself. The elation and satisfaction of regularly making sales does not allow for boredom.

(Adapted from “It Can Only Get Better – Tony Gordon’s Route to Sale Success”, Chapter 3: The Job Description by Tony Gordon)

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