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All-New Gillette Fusion ProShield

Personal grooming is important to everyone of us, it makes a person looks better, feeling more refreshed and presentable in our professional career or social life. For guys, part of our personal grooming is shaving and it is essential to keep ourselves well groomed and looked after, thus we can present ourselves in a more professional and pleasant manner.

Gillette is a leader in global shave care, I personally owned a Gillette Fusion Power for a number of years, it was really good and reliable! I am currently using the Gillette Fusion Power for the past 3.5 years (bought in November 2012). To be honest with everybody, it’s still in good working condition! Just remember to replace the blades regularly!

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill_Lifestyle Image 2

Gillette recently launched an all-new Gillette Fusion ProShield shaver, this is even better than my Gillette Fusion Power shaver, an improvement in design and innovation. I attended the media launch event for the all-new Gillette Fusion ProShield, saw and understood on the improvements and innovations to this all new shaver.

Gillette Fusion ProShield_Lifestyle Image 3

I was given a gift during the media event and it was the all-new Gillette Fusion ProShield shaver (Standard Edition)! Thank you very much for this heartwarming gift! Just nice to replace and take over my current, trustworthy Gillette Fusion Power shaver, it’s a worthy successor!

It’s the Best a Man can get for his personal grooming / shaving needs!

Let me share with you more information of the Gillette Fusion ProShield shaver from the press release information below –

Gillette, the leader in global shave care, today revealed its latest innovation: the Gillette Fusion ProShield. According to a study by Gillette, most men take about 170 strokes while shaving. However, many men shave on auto-pilot and can re-stroke up to 120 times during the shave, after the initial 50 strokes wipe away most of the shave gel, unintentionally causing irritation.

With its rich history of innovation, Gillette looks to combat this problem and reveal the secret behind great skin with a surprisingly simple and hassle-free solution. The new Gillette ProShield features a new Lubrication Bar before the blades, in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, to shield from irritation. The new ProShield Lubrication Bar is activated by water and designed to deliver additional lubrication before the blades without compromising blade geometry and shave closeness. Great skin starts with a comfortable shave and this combination of Gillette’s best handle with its breakthrough ProShield cartridge provides the most advanced and closest shave experience yet.

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill_Lifestyle Image 1

“At Gillette, intensive research and a consistent drive for innovation helps us to thoroughly understand the way men across the globe shave,” said Lakis Vasileiadis, Brand Director Asia Pacific, P&G Shave Care. “The new Gillette Fusion ProShield represents our efforts to continuously improve the shaving experience for men without changing their daily regime.”

Gillette Fusion ProShield_Lifestyle Image 1

Enjoy a premium shaving experience with Gillette’s newest razor

From 26 to 28 August in partnership with Truefitt & Hill, recognised as the finest traditional gentlemen’s barber and perfumer in London, Gillette brings to shoppers the Best a Man Can Get shaving experience at Guardian, VivoCity and Watsons, Ngee Ann City from 6 – 9pm on Friday and 12 – 9pm on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Shoppers who purchase $30 worth of Gillette products including the new ProShield razor receive a luxurious Hot Towel Shave experience complimentary from the barbers at Truefitt & Hill.

In addition, shoppers will also be able to meet Mediacorp Artiste, Elvin Ng in the flesh on 27 August, at Guardian, VivoCity from 2 – 3pm and Watsons, Ngee Ann City from 4 – 5pm.

Suggested Retail Price*:

Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor S$24.90

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Razor S$24.90

Gillette Fusion ProShield Cartridge Refill 4S S$31.00

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Cartridge Refill 4S S$31.00

Gillette Fusion ProShield Cartridge Refill 8S S$56.00

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Cartridge Refill 8S S$56.00

*All decisions on pricing, promotion, distribution, assortment and shelving are at the sole discretion of the retailer

Key product specifics of the all-new Fusion ProShield Razor include:

What’s New:

  • New ProShield Lubrication Bar before the blades, in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, shields from irritation.

With All of the Great Features of Gillette’s Most Advanced ProGlide Blade Cartridges:

  • Our thinnest, finest blade edges with less tug and pull
  • Gillette’s most advanced blade coating
  • Blade Stability Bar maintains optimal blade spacing for exceptional comfort
  • MicroComb to help guide stubble to the blades
  • Precision Trimmer for accurate edging

FlexBall Technology Handle:

  • FlexBall handle with innovative pivot to respond to facial contours for maximum contact

Two Varieties Available:

  • Standard (Yellow)
  • Chill™ with Cooling Technology (Blue)

ProShield blade cartridges fit on all Fusion and ProGlide razor handles.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Gillette Singapore and Porter Novelli *

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