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Theme and Goals for Year 2021 (Technology and Personal)

It’s the start of a brand new fresh year 2021, looking back at year 2020, it had been a mountainous roller coaster turbulent journey that we managed to survive but we are still reeling from the impacts and it’s going to continue for an extended period of time. A new year, a new hope, a new start, the time is now to set my theme and goals for Year 2021 (Technology and Personal)

Ever since I was inspired by Fernando Gros article on having a yearly theme (his yearly theme for 2021 is Imagination) instead of our usual goals settings and objectives, I wrote and published two articles, Theme and Goals for Year 2020 (Photography and Travel) and  Theme and Goals for Year 2020 (Technology and Personal). I can’t imagine how much it would have changed just two months after that when the global pandemic COVID-19 started to hit the whole world.

If you are interested to learn and know more about setting a yearly theme, you have to check out “How to Choose a Yearly Theme” by Fernando Gros.

My approach to the yearly theme is slightly different, I have two themes for Year 2021 and they are Recovery and Rejuvenation. How would these two themes come into my technology and personal segments?


Social Media/Digital Marketing/Content Creation/Writer

My technology coverage has slowly increased in the past few years, in both consumer and enterprise technology sectors. I hope to build more working relationships with some of those brands and expand from there.

In the fields of content creation/writer segments, they would complement my photography and travel segments as I work on cross business opportunities and networks.


I am avoiding dramas, no thanks to how social media is evolving and transforming in recent years. This would also be the time to isolate some people away from my life.

Why these two themes “Recovery” and “Rejuvenation”?


Year 2021 to me would be the year of recovery from the impacts and damages by the global pandemic COVID-19 to the world. This is not going to be straight forward or linear, it’s likely to be turbulent, roller coaster ups and downs. With the vaccines in place, the world has started its recovery mode, this is going to take time, it’s not going to recover immediately with the snap of a finger.


There are many a times whereby I had been emotionally and mentally drained last year 2020 during the global pandemic situation. Going hand-in-hand with recovery is rejuvenation, putting new energy to what I am doing in this year 2021.

As we start the slow journey in recovery in the year 2021, rejuvenation is also crucial, we need  to inject new energy into our heart, mind and soul as we start our recovery journey.

Please also visit my Theme and Goals for Year 2021 (Photography and Travel) article!

Happy Boxing Day 2019 and Happy New Year!

Today is Thursday 26th December 2019, it’s Boxing Day! Wishing everybody a Happy Boxing Day, a post Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As we take the time to celebrate the Christmas festive period, I am also taking this time to rest, recharge and reflect. For my photography and travel portal/blog, I shared some of my plans for that website on my Merry Christmas article post!

Annular Solar Eclipse Singapore 2019 on Boxing Day

Taking the last week of year 2019 to give myself a break, plan, reflect, review and strategise for the upcoming new year 2020. A new year, a new hope, a new beginning, a new race. Some things I won’t share too much in detail, in this current world of social media obsession, instant gratification and judging people (a.k.a. trolling), some matters, thoughts, views, plans, cannot be shared too much nowadays.

I read Fernando Gros recent blog post on Christmas, he shared something that strikes a chord with me, change for the better to build peace, goodwill, friendship. For 2020, I am and I need to get myself away from all the messy and unhealthy things related to social media. In a nutshell, social media has helped me a lot in growing my photography, writing and networks. However, the dire consequences of embracing social media, the bad points, I need to let it go (sing to the tune of Frozen 2)

In 2020, I want to invest my time in more creative works, starting from small projects like a photo zine (it’s like, finally, I am going to start) journaling to publishing my next photo book or a book on my travel adventure stories?

Sometimes, there are a lot of thoughts, views and feelings, sometimes I share, sometimes I don’t as it might be too lengthy or it might be privacy concerns.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the folks have always supported and encouraged me in my photography business journey, as well as my content creation/writer/blogging journey. This journey had never been easy since day 1 and there will be more challenging and uncertain times ahead in the year 2020. Let’s all get ready to welcome and take on year 2020!

Once again, Happy Boxing Day 2019, Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy New Year!

Two more months to end of Year 2019

Today is 1st November 2019, two more months to end of Year 2019. Time flies and they do not wait for anybody. In the space of ten months, we felt the volatility, the ups and downs with greater uncertainty especially in the second quarter of 2019. While it has picked up slowly in the third quarter leading into the final quarter, there had been huge challenges at times.

From the third quarter moving into fourth quarter, this was an interesting period for me. I had been building up and expanding more networks, I also mentioned on a commissioned shoot enquiry that took place, while things are still in discussion stage, I am not too sure if it would be a green light to go ahead. Nevertheless, for this big international organisation to approach me directly based on my travel and landscape photography works, I feel great, my photography works are gaining more recognition.

There would be more opportunities for commissioned photography shoots with OCUS and I am now part of MakersPlace platform and community, that would allow me to showcase and share my digital creations in photography, backed by blockchain technology. I am still exploring and knowing more creative folks from different genres right here on the MakersPlace community, viewing their creative works, be mesmerised, inspired and encouraged by creatives from other industries and genres. For MakersPlace, I am curating it to be my creative platform for my photography genres. This is my MakersPlace store front – https://makersplace.com/store/tghphotography/ , please help to pay it forward and pass it on!

I recently helped out with fellow photographers from Canon Singapore EOS World Community for MakeOver Magic Singapore 2019 by Shunji Matsuo, part of the videography team that shot the videos of the interviews being conducted and behind the scenes of the makeover magic photography shoot. For this segment, I would publish in another article on my photography and travel portal/blog soon! Check out MakeOver Magic Singapore 2019 video!

On the photography business segment, always a work in progress, change, adapt and add on. I am always on the lookout for business partnership and collaboration opportunities with agencies, working on to grow and expand it further.

As for publishing articles for both portals/websites, there is a queue for both websites. Priority have to be for commissioned articles posts, followed by media events coverage and review articles and lastly, press releases. The backlog can be pretty exhausting and I hope to have your understanding.

My Decibullz true wireless custom moulded earphones have arrived, fits right into my plan, to isolate those trolls and nasty people, who are taking a toll on me, shutting their chatter off and away from me. A measure that I took recently was to block such people away from my life and social media, for my mental health sake and personal well being.

I have been publishing pretty heavy technology articles in recent months, that’s why I thought and feel that I need to have more personalised stories besides my core technology and business topics/content articles.

The past ten months were nothing short of a smooth journey, the turbulence, the highs and lows, emotional and physical drain. However, I must still persevering on, moving forward, picking up myself up whenever I tumbled down.

It’s close to the end of the Year 2019. Bring it on, let’s finish 2019 on a high note.

Happy New Year 2019!

Today is the 1st January 2019, wishing everyone of you a Happy New Year 2019!

Using an old photo of the fireworks from year 2015 New Year Eve Countdown. I didn’t chase new year eve 2019 countdown fireworks and decided to stay at home instead.

A new year, a new beginning, a fresh new start. Today, 1st January 2019 is also the day that I start from zero again because the bookkeeping and accounts for financial year (FY) 2018 have closed and it’s time to start a new set for the new FY 2019. I would be sharing some insights, thoughts and goal settings for my personal and other work/business interests here soon.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement in the year 2018! Once again, wishing all a Happy New Year 2019! Good luck and all the best in the year 2019, hope you have a wonderful time with your family and loved ones too!

Start of Q4 2018

5th October 2018, 5 days have passed since we entered into the fourth quarter of this year 2018. Time flies in the blink of an eye, fast and furious. Looking back at my past three quarters of year 2018, this had been more stable than my past two years 2016 and 2017 whereby I faced many personal and sole proprietorship challenges as well as dealing with the loss of six people from my life (from loved ones, mentor, friend) within a one year period from 2016 to 2017, an area that I might not have handled well during that period of time and affected me quite badly.

Life is never smooth going, without bumps and obstacles, there are so many ups and downs of different magnitude and sizes. Everyone of them is a learning experience that teaches me something in life and society. As people aged, they would probably want to deal with less people around them, they don’t want the dramas that comes along with some people. I have slowly distanced myself away from some people because their only purpose in life is to complain, judge and criticise anything and everything.

There are a few topics that have been ongoing in my heart and mind for quite some time. We are not exactly in a good shape even though we look good on the outside, with all these technological changes and advancements that can be pretty fast and furious, are we preparing, adapting and changing ourselves for a potentially very different future? Are we too sheltered and protected from the outside world?

Personally, I will always keep telling and reminding myself to learn new skills and knowledge, improve on my current skills and knowledge, keep on striving forward.

My goals and objectives for year 2018 may not be totally achieved yet, now is the time for me to pick up from where I am, continue pushing forward to complete and achieve my remaining goals and objectives.

On the area of running my sole proprietorship photography business, I would leave it for another article post that would be published on my photography website/blog. On finding new and other business opportunities, partnerships or collaborations, I am always on the lookout for suitable ones when then the opportunity arises. I would say there are more disappointments than anything else.

Good luck and all the best to everyone striving forward and ahead for their final sprint in the fourth quarter of 2018!

Back from a holiday break and some updates!

Back from Chiang Mai

In the year 2017, I didn’t really have a holiday break due to the circumstances and things that took place during the entire year. The year 2017 had been very tiring and exhausting, both mental, emotional and physical aspects of them. When the opportunity to travel at the start of year 2018, I decided to go for it, I badly needed a holiday break away from Singapore for a while.

I went Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 29th January 2018 to 3rd February 2018, with Tiffany, Peps and Valentino, part of the team #epiphanygochiangmai, a partial FAM trip with accommodation sponsorship and a travel agency in Chiang Mai hosting us with their day trip programs. My role was the travel photographer as well as the travel reportage/behind the scenes photographer. Returning back home with about 2.4k++ photographs shot with the Canon EOS 6D Mark II, this figure is a good headache to have although I do have to curate and select the photos for editing and publishing! Visit my Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tangenghui/ and you can have a peek into some of the photos that I took during my Chiang Mai travel photography adventure!

Adding on to my travel photography, it would be my Chiang Mai travel writing articles. Tentatively at this point in time, I have 5 articles/topics planned to be published along with my photographs in 1 month’s time (hopefully it can be earlier!).

Travel photography, travel reportage and travel writing, an area that I really love to do! Developing my own travel photography and travel writing style! Working harder in this area and hope to have more of such opportunities in the near future!


Before I left for my Chiang Mai travel photography adventure, I had some backlogs, ongoing IT issues with my photography and travel website/blog, personal errands.

Upon returning back home to Singapore, I have to continue clearing up my errands and to do list! In this coming week, this is going to be busy for me leading up to Chinese Lunar New Year 2018.

I have the following list (non exhaustive and in random order) below:

  • 2 x portraiture photo shoots
  • Covering Chingay 2018 media preview
  • Continuing to troubleshoot my ongoing IT issues with (a.k.a repair) my photography and travel website/blog
  • Arranging appointments to meet ex-colleagues, pr agencies folks
  • Continue with spring cleaning
  • Personal errands and administrative matters
  • Start writing my review articles for Canon EOS M6, Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Jaybird Freedom 2 and Jaybird RUN.

Looking ahead

I posted updates on my social media platforms that my start to the year 2018 is kind of mix, slow and steady with some minor hiccups. This is the time to build on this upcoming wave and I hope thing would grow and improve the coming months ahead. Step by step, brick by brick, definitely not the fastest and biggest pace of growth, slow and steady growth, taking into consideration the volatile and difficult economic environment and market conditions.

Although I have set some goals to achieve by end of the 1st quarter 2018, one of them was publishing my own zine, I hope that I am able to meet my goal and target, considering the above matters that I need to handle.

January 2018 is over and now it is February 2018, a relatively short month, very soon, it will be March 2018 and the end of 1st quarter 2018. Time to continue working hard and striving for my goals and objectives in the year 2018.

7th January 2018 – 1st Update post for the Year

It’s been only a week since the new year 2018 kick off, while it wasn’t a big kick off style for me, more of slow and low key, I was happy with the work, flow and things that I wanted to do at the start of the year 2018. There is something that resonates with me, this phrase “some things never change” and one of the things was life is never perfect, never smooth and there is always ups and downs.

First few days of year 2018, my photography and travel website/blog was down for a few days (around 2-3 days) after my hosting and domain services company, Domains Priced Right updated and upgraded my hosting account. I thought everything was fine after that, the next thing was that my login was lost and I had to request for my friend’s Brian’s IT expertise to help me out.

Over an afternoon of troubleshooting, he managed to resolve the login for me and I am able to enter into my wp-admin backend panel. Initially, I thought it’s back to running normally, after further checking, I realised that my 11 years of hard work, my categories and tags were all gone, my photography and travel website/blog is now in a mess (the contents are still there though, feeling very thankful!). I need to return back and ask Brian for assistance again.

This “repair and recovery” phase is estimated going to take 1-2 weeks, after that, I am going to back up and transfer my domain and hosting services to my friend’s company Business Network Internet (BNI) Hub. During this time, I might find a new template for my photography and travel website/blog, time for a fresh start to year 2018, a fresh beginning with BNI Hub.

During the repair and recovery phase, I would spend time editing photographs, uploading them into my Flickr, 500px and Format photography portfolio. Meanwhile, I would work on my personal website/blog topics e.g. technology, gadgets, fin-tech, business, forex investing etc etc.

As for my photography business, personal photography and travel goals settings, I would put on hold until my photography and travel website/blog is “repaired and recovered” before publishing it.

Not the most ideal start to year 2018, it’s also not the worst start at all. Basically, I should be able to handle the hiccups being presented to me, I just have to find my ways and means, finding solutions, asking for assistance to get them back up and running properly again.

Other than my photography and travel website/blog update, I am continuing to spring clean my room and my possessions, decluttering, throwing away, giving away and keeping those things that I want. Following that, I am continuing to do spring cleaning in my home, helping, cleaning and decluttering as much as I could.

In the month of January 2018, I hope to clear some backlogs that I didn’t manage to clear in December 2017. Another area that I am keen to start writing and covering more on is on cryptocurrnecy, let’s hope this segment can help me grow something out of them.

Getting year 2018 on the correct note, staying firm, steady and stable on the ground while moving forward to grow and expand (it may and need not be the fastest) in this year 2018.

I want to make a breakthrough for this year 2018!

1st December 2017 – Time to reflect and plan

Time flies, too fast too furious. In the blink of an eye, 11 months have gone by in the year 2017 and today is 1st December 2017. As I start counting down to the end of 2017 and I will be very happy to bring a closure to year 2017. For those who have been following my updates via my article posts here, thank you for following, reading and supporting me along this journey.

This journey that I embarked on, was much much more tough and difficult than I prepared myself for. Behind all the scenes, I hide my pain, sorrow, stress and pressure from some friends, some people. Having to deal and handle people who passed on (6 people in a 1 year time frame from 2016 to 2017 if you had been following and reading my stories here), a very emotionally and mentally draining life experience and journey.

Taking the first step to reflect year 2017, wrapping up year 2017 and planning ahead for year 2018. Changes will take place, new strategies and directions. While it might not be too private and confidential, it will not be too openly shared, might not even be shared at all.

One of the areas that I am working on is my computer workstations setup for year 2018

  • Photography workstation
  • Business / Admin / Digital / Social Media marketing workstation
  • Trading / Forex investing workstation
  • Tablet
  • Photography printer
  • SOHO printer
  • Monitor (For photo editing and trading)

Business development directions and strategies, it’s still in the thought and planning process (some preliminary, some advanced, some still thinking further ahead). I am most likely not (and unlikely) going to share much into them. Not so much of competitors or copying, it’s more of keeping the “big loud noises” around me out of my ears, I need anti-noise cancellation in-ear monitors.

Next year 2018, I am going to upgrade myself, gain more new skills and knowledge, looking into these few areas:

  • Advanced drone flying
  • Learning videography and short film making
  • Improving and learning photography genres that I haven’t embark on
  • Learning Adobe Photoshop

There are many people out there whose full time job is to judge and criticise other people, telling other people what to do, how to do, when they themselves are not in the other person’s shoes and situation, as well as, thinking that they have/are successful and more knowledgable than others when they are not and they have not.

Why can’t we spend the time to upgrade and improve on ourselves, knowledge, skills and experience, instead of spendng time to judge and criticise people?

Imagine a society with citizens constantly and willingly upgrading their skills and knowledge. We worry less about disruption and displacement. Together, we can make a difference to the future ahead in many different ways possible.

Alright, it’s time to wrap up, finish my backlogged technology related articles, get my photographs uploaded into my Flickr, 500px and Tan Geng Hui Photography portfolio websites.

In our current world and society norms today, if you are still reading up till this last paragraph, thank you for taking the time to read my article that I wrote. Considering our attention time span is probably a minute or less, it really takes something to read an article online (or a hard copy book) today.

1st September 2016

Today is 1st September 2016, this also marks the beginning of a new Chinese Lunar Calendar month, the first day of the 8th Chinese Lunar month. It has been 6 months since 1st March 2016 when I started a new journey due to the unforeseen circumstances that took place prior to that.

These 6 months had been a period of rest and recovery from my situation, it was also a period of a lot of in-depth thinking, planning and strategising. I wasn’t planning to rush into executing actions due to a very volatile and uncertain market economy along with many changes to how the market economy is moving, transforming and changing.

To some people who always judge me, I am slow and procrastinate a lot. Being truthful to myself, my heart and soul, I am just being extra careful and cautious, taking into consideration the current economic slowdown/uncertainty, the huge potential massive headwinds and downturn ahead for the remaining months of 2016, potentially a bottoming of the economy in the year 2018 (I sincerely hope that is not the case)

The traditional business model that any industry is working on might not be able to handle and sustain moving forward into a new era and millennia. It has to change, on a personal level, business level, society and government level. I am not saying that I have the perfect solution and answer for the next business model for the business that I am embarking on. I just hope that my willingness to think beyond and change the current business model would help me to establish my foundation and grow a small business.

I was reading “How to Grow as a Photographer – Reinventing Your Career” by Tony Luna. There is a sentence inside the book ~

“If it is true that it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a community to write a book.”

Like my sacred Canon 1DX Mark II moleskine book, I am writing my own stories and adventures. It had been a pretty rough ride for the past 6 months, the new ride ahead is not going to be smooth, it might be even more rough and turbulent, no thanks to the volatility and uncertainty of the world economy.


What are the key themes, changes and ideas? Strategic partnerships and collaboration, special project themes, personal projects, constantly adapting and preparing for changes to the world, social media 2.0 to 3.0, learning new skills across and beyond your generic specialisation. Think Win-Win.

Some of you folks know what I am going through, some don’t, some don’t care, some don’t seek to listen and understand first before passing judgement.

Today is 1st September 2016, new things will take place soon.

All-New Gillette Fusion ProShield

Personal grooming is important to everyone of us, it makes a person looks better, feeling more refreshed and presentable in our professional career or social life. For guys, part of our personal grooming is shaving and it is essential to keep ourselves well groomed and looked after, thus we can present ourselves in a more professional and pleasant manner.

Gillette is a leader in global shave care, I personally owned a Gillette Fusion Power for a number of years, it was really good and reliable! I am currently using the Gillette Fusion Power for the past 3.5 years (bought in November 2012). To be honest with everybody, it’s still in good working condition! Just remember to replace the blades regularly!

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill_Lifestyle Image 2

Gillette recently launched an all-new Gillette Fusion ProShield shaver, this is even better than my Gillette Fusion Power shaver, an improvement in design and innovation. I attended the media launch event for the all-new Gillette Fusion ProShield, saw and understood on the improvements and innovations to this all new shaver.

Gillette Fusion ProShield_Lifestyle Image 3

I was given a gift during the media event and it was the all-new Gillette Fusion ProShield shaver (Standard Edition)! Thank you very much for this heartwarming gift! Just nice to replace and take over my current, trustworthy Gillette Fusion Power shaver, it’s a worthy successor!

It’s the Best a Man can get for his personal grooming / shaving needs!

Let me share with you more information of the Gillette Fusion ProShield shaver from the press release information below –

Gillette, the leader in global shave care, today revealed its latest innovation: the Gillette Fusion ProShield. According to a study by Gillette, most men take about 170 strokes while shaving. However, many men shave on auto-pilot and can re-stroke up to 120 times during the shave, after the initial 50 strokes wipe away most of the shave gel, unintentionally causing irritation.

With its rich history of innovation, Gillette looks to combat this problem and reveal the secret behind great skin with a surprisingly simple and hassle-free solution. The new Gillette ProShield features a new Lubrication Bar before the blades, in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, to shield from irritation. The new ProShield Lubrication Bar is activated by water and designed to deliver additional lubrication before the blades without compromising blade geometry and shave closeness. Great skin starts with a comfortable shave and this combination of Gillette’s best handle with its breakthrough ProShield cartridge provides the most advanced and closest shave experience yet.

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill_Lifestyle Image 1

“At Gillette, intensive research and a consistent drive for innovation helps us to thoroughly understand the way men across the globe shave,” said Lakis Vasileiadis, Brand Director Asia Pacific, P&G Shave Care. “The new Gillette Fusion ProShield represents our efforts to continuously improve the shaving experience for men without changing their daily regime.”

Gillette Fusion ProShield_Lifestyle Image 1

Enjoy a premium shaving experience with Gillette’s newest razor

From 26 to 28 August in partnership with Truefitt & Hill, recognised as the finest traditional gentlemen’s barber and perfumer in London, Gillette brings to shoppers the Best a Man Can Get shaving experience at Guardian, VivoCity and Watsons, Ngee Ann City from 6 – 9pm on Friday and 12 – 9pm on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Shoppers who purchase $30 worth of Gillette products including the new ProShield razor receive a luxurious Hot Towel Shave experience complimentary from the barbers at Truefitt & Hill.

In addition, shoppers will also be able to meet Mediacorp Artiste, Elvin Ng in the flesh on 27 August, at Guardian, VivoCity from 2 – 3pm and Watsons, Ngee Ann City from 4 – 5pm.

Suggested Retail Price*:

Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor S$24.90

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Razor S$24.90

Gillette Fusion ProShield Cartridge Refill 4S S$31.00

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Cartridge Refill 4S S$31.00

Gillette Fusion ProShield Cartridge Refill 8S S$56.00

Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Cartridge Refill 8S S$56.00

*All decisions on pricing, promotion, distribution, assortment and shelving are at the sole discretion of the retailer

Key product specifics of the all-new Fusion ProShield Razor include:

What’s New:

  • New ProShield Lubrication Bar before the blades, in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, shields from irritation.

With All of the Great Features of Gillette’s Most Advanced ProGlide Blade Cartridges:

  • Our thinnest, finest blade edges with less tug and pull
  • Gillette’s most advanced blade coating
  • Blade Stability Bar maintains optimal blade spacing for exceptional comfort
  • MicroComb to help guide stubble to the blades
  • Precision Trimmer for accurate edging

FlexBall Technology Handle:

  • FlexBall handle with innovative pivot to respond to facial contours for maximum contact

Two Varieties Available:

  • Standard (Yellow)
  • Chill™ with Cooling Technology (Blue)

ProShield blade cartridges fit on all Fusion and ProGlide razor handles.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Gillette Singapore and Porter Novelli *