My history and relationship with the Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group dates back to the year 1990, when I entered Secondary 1 in Gan Eng Seng School. This journey continued ONWARD till today, even though I was less active than before during my Scouting and Venturing days. Currently, I am coming back as an Old Boy, known as the Dragon Chapter, helping out the Dragon Scout Group on special projects and supporting their activities and events as far as possible given my hectic business schedule.

In the year 2007, this was Dragon Scout Group 85th Anniversary Celebrations and I was invited to mentor, assist and help the younger boys and girls in the planning and execution stages. 

– 85th Anniversary Campfire (Committee Member)

– 85th Anniversary Dinner (Committee Member)

– 85th Anniversary Book (Help in the photos segment)

– 85th Anniversary Trip – Mount Kinabalu (Participant – My Travel log here)

Do drop by the link here to read about the various postings and links for the 85th Anniversary Campfire and Dinner.

Selected Portfolio works for the 85th Anniversary Book is here, do drop by and take a look !

The 85th Anniversary Book was released and I felt so proud of it, my works were inside the book and I was part of the rich history of the Dragon Scout Group, passing down my knowledge and history to the younger generation of the Dragon Scout Group family and keeping in touch with my fellow Old Boys too !

It is important to keep the Fire forever burning and Dragon Scout Group tradition going towards into the future, for those who were formerly or now currently a part of the Dragon Scout Group family, you would understand the Honour, Pride and Loyalty inside us. 

Onward Dragon Scout Group !

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