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Fitness Training Regime & Preparation for Upcoming Runs - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

In a few months time, the Singapore Marathon would take place on the 7th December 2008 and there is not a lot of time left for the preparation. For the last few weeks, I did completed 2 runs, the Army Half Marathon and the Nike+ 10k Human Race, however, in between this 1 month, I was also caught up with work and business matters and did not go to the gym for my own fitness training and weights training.

Moving and planning foward for the upcoming runs, I need to start my fitness training regime and preparation for the upcoming runs. I have currently slotted in 2 runs prior to the Singapore Marathon, they are the Run For Hope 10km and New Balance Real Run 15km, these 2 runs would help me in the lead up to my preparation for the Singapore Marathon, that I am aiming to reduce my finishing time by 1 hour from sub 6 hours to sub 5 hours.

My Training Regime would be –

(1) 2 x Gym Sessions per week (2 hours/session – mixture of weights, cardio, anaerobic, aerobic and swimming)

(2) 2 x Runs per week (would be starting from the basic 2.4km and 5km this week – 15th to 21st Sep)

This would be a crash course (Again!) for the Singapore Marathon in December, not the best training plan, nevertheless, a balance of training, fitness, conditioning and preparation with my business commitments.

I believe this would also help me in my quest for the final quarter in the tough market conditions, the challenges and helps me to handle the different stress from different quarters, toughening me up mentally, physically and emotionally to handle anything and everything that would come in my journey foward.

Oh, by the way, I was introduced by Jack Lan, to a very interesting event, that got me very keen, do drop by and take a look about this event known as Let’s Take A Walk 2008. 

Happy training, running and walking ! Lead a healthy and fit lifestyle !

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