Blogging – At what stage of a product life cycle is Blogging at ? Which stage do you think it is in ?

(1) Market Introduction Stage

(2) Growth

(3) Maturity

(4) Saturation and Decline Stage

When blogging started years ago, it was probably an online journal documenting your own personal diary, rants and life experiences. There wasn’t so much about SEO 2.0 and social media networking, nowadays, blogging has changed quite a lot (in my humble opinion), with many more people around the world more inter-connected via the internet and social media networks.

Therefore, is Blogging in the maturity stage or saturation and decline stage ? Or Growth ? Like every product life cycle, it’s inevitable that at a certain point in time, with maturity, it might turn out to be too rosy or boring and it might lead to saturation and decline (People leaving blogging ? Blogging fatigue ?).

Well, before it reaches saturation and decline stage, we all can make go through another new Product Life Cycle stage again, from the beginning, giving it a New Hope, a New Beginning. That in my opinion was the power and impact of Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, just to name a few.

I am NOT a Guru in Social Media Networking, I am a student that applies the power, tools and channels of Social Media Networking 🙂 … The usage of Social Media Networking gave me the ignorant me that “There can be and there are friendships outside of your blogging and social media networks!”. The combination of Blogging, SEO 2.0, Internet Marketing and Social Media Networking taught me a lot too, especially in the area of marketing and social networking, both on and off the blog sphere, locally and internationally 😀

Blogging and Social Media brought me great opportunities, networking, new friendship, fun and business opportunities and I am looking forward to lift my photoblog and personal blogging to another level with social media networking, with that, I hope to share the growth and expansion along my journey.

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  1. definately will not go into decline stage for long long time..everything’s going E nowadays..

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