With recovery on track, slowly integrating myself back to my normal life first before taking the next step into my working life. Moving on from another lowest point in my life, I am taking my life and work differently from my workaholic lifestyle for the past 8 years, with the past 5 years being some of the most challenging, personal development, change and growth.

Many thoughts, ideas and  things to do, it’s kind of good and important that I wrote down here to remind myself on fulfilling my things to do and my directions that I would be working on. Some of the points written below would be shared in greater details over the next few days over here at my personal blog.

Blogging and social media networking

– Manufacturing new Moo MiniCards

– The power of social media networking using twitter and facebook

– My personal thoughts on blogging in today’s context

Healthy Lifestyle, Fitness and Training

– Food nutrition for calcium intake

– Fitness sharing and training

Photo Blog

– Waiting for friend to help repair my photoblog WP-Admin panel

– Purchase Premium WP Theme for photo blog revamp and makeover

– Preparing a schedule of photo blog posts

– Preparing for Guest Writer in travel sites

– Preparing for photography travel and writing competition


– Proposed purchase of 2nd hand DSLR (if my price is met)

– Making an effort to capture more of Singapore’s heartland


– Planning for travel overseas ~ Schedule and budgeting

– Future travel destinations planning

There might be probably a bit more to write down, nevertheless, there would be for another day, another post, after I cleared my list above 🙂

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