In a recent brunch event organised by Panasonic Asia, I was introduced to a new beginning called Channel e, it’s not just a channel on television. Channel e is also not just about electronics products by Panasonic, it’s about caring for the Environment, focusing on eco-friendly products for the environment, a channel that can unite everybody and a voice for all to hear, feel and care for the environment.

Held at Tiffany Cafe, Esplanade, on 19th March. A group of bloggers were hosted to a nice brunch, great networking and catch up with tech and lifestyle bloggers. After being introduced to what Channel e is all about, it’s something to ponder deeply, as Earth Hour 2011 is also just round the corner, happening on 26th March 2011. Panasonic is committed to the Environment, that is a great and awesome initiative, being socially and environmentally responsible. What’ Channel e all about ? Check out the video below and check out their Channel e website too !

This is our Environment, we all live here in Mother Earth, in the midst of global warming, we can all play a part to make the world a better place for our future generations and beyond. Let’s all use eco-friendly products to put less strain and pressure on our Mother Earth, Channel e is our channel for all of us and the voice for us to share with the world, to be less wasteful, more eco-friendly and help our Mother Earth.

During the brunch event, we had a mini-activity of brain storming and drawing -> on Eco-friendly ideas and thoughts. I paired up with Keropokman and our original artwork, our Eco-friendly ideas and thoughts drawn on the white drawing paper below, these were our deepest thoughts and ideas on being eco-friendly. Do check out more Eco-friendly ideas and thoughts by fellow blogger friends here on Flickr !

Let’s all play a part, Remember Channel e – Your Environment, Your Channel, Your Voice and we can all make the World a better place for us and for our future generations!

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