The EPSON PictureMate PM 310, a portable photo printer that you can carry out if you need it for printing. I finally opened up my EPSON PictureMate PM 310 photo printer after it spent quite a lengthy time inside the box untouched and unopened, after winning it as a lucky draw prize during an EPSON media event some time back. I wasn’t even doing any form of photo printing at all during the period, just taking photos, uploading and storage! I was planning to print out some photographs from my collection, to be sent over to Nara, Japan. The photos were for my photographer friend, Miki Wakisaka, whom I got to know via social media platforms.

I took out the photo printer, the setup wasn’t difficult at all and the printing was easy to do! Here’s the link for EPSON PictureMate PM 310 technical specifications and you also download the EPSON PictureMate PM 310 brochure here! From my experiences printing the photos, the quality output of the photographs printed from the EPSON PictureMate PM 310 was brilliant and I really liked it a lot! I decided to read up more about the EPSON PictureMate PM 310 and found out about their printing technology, their EPSON Claria Photographic Ink, that produced photo prints close to professional lab standards.

Here’s some of my thoughts on the pros and cons of the EPSON PictureMate PM 310


– 7 inch tiltable high definition LCD screen displays your favourite photo collection with extreme clarity

– Print resolution of 5760dpi and Variable Sized Droplet Technology

– EPSON Claria Photographic Ink technology

– Photo prints close to professional lab standards

– Stylish remote control for your control at your fingertips

– Multi accessibility functions beside plugging it into your computer – SD/MSpro/xD, CF, USB Flash Drive

– EPSON Claria™ PhotoEnhance technology ~ adjust skin tones, colour casts and exposure levels, remove red eye effects or backlit problems and fun customising your photos with a range of pre-installed Disney photo frames.


– It looks a bit bulky for a portable photo printer (not too heavy though)

– They don’t have a detachable battery unit that would really allow the user to use the photo printer without electrical power.

Even though I don’t print my photographs a lot, the EPSON PictureMate PM 310 would definitely be very useful and helpful when I need to print some of my photographs or bringing it out to friends home or events shoot (as long as there are power socket points).



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